Yeah, I Go On Dates As An Excuse To Try Out My Makeup

Yeah, I Go On Dates As An Excuse To Try Out My Makeup

We gotta do what we gotta do for some fleeky selfies, and going on bad dates might help us get there.

Being in college, a lot of us are at that stage where we learn lessons by failing to properly correct our mistakes.

When we claim that we don't have time in the week (or enough quarters) to do laundry, we actually don't make the practical decision to swap our Saturday night soirees to attend the laundromat. The fact of the matter is, we hold off swapping our dollar bills for quarters, and end up doing not one, but two loads of laundry just at the crack of realizing we have another assignment due on Blackboard.

Me in particular? I spend dollar bills on beauty products that I probably should save so that I can swap them for laundry quarters...

With a single swipe of my credit card, I purchased a 30 dollar bronzer that will come off after a single swipe on your white t-shirt. Being in college, while we're also all on that budget, I don't even think that any of the bills that came out of the dates I went on ever surpassed, let alone totaled to that amount.

I'm single and I'm not necessarily ready to mingle — but I'm more so trying to test how my makeup can really withstand sweat, extreme weather, saucy foods, and powdered pastries. Is it a crime to want a lipstick that holds up well enough so that I can take a selfie holding a half-eaten chocolate dipped beignet without any evidence that I had just stuffed my face like a toddler?

As of right now, I don't treat dates as a trial runs for a new relationship. I date to trial run the products I sacrifice my laundry quarters for (that is partly a joke).

The next date you go on might not involve you playing mouth tug-of-war with a single spaghetti noodle that brings you closer to a smooch with every sloppy slurp, but maybe it will, and you'll find out how poorly your lipstick stayed put after licking the marinara sauce off your lips.

Or even better — as twisted as that may sound — he might say that wrong thing, which will make you want to cry. I have advice for that one:

Run if he makes your mascara run.

Plus, at least you'll know never go back to using that sucky mascara again. More importantly, next time, you won't have to explain to the waiter why you have tree roots temporarily tatted from your under-eyes down to your chin.

Let me repeat: We learn lessons by failing to properly correct our mistakes. In this case, stop seeing a failed date as a failed love life. Do you see what lesson comes out of this? The good thing that may come out of going on a date with Mr. Not A Match is that you can successfully correct your makeup mishaps.

If your eyes become the Great Lakes and your tears carve rivers through your foundation...

Here's the thing, maybe you're using goof-proof mascara that won't give you black streaks, but your tears might carve trenches through your foundation. Well, now you know it's time to try a new setting powder!

Now here's a little wisdom and story time:

Wearing the wrong lipstick in the middle of a windstorm can turn you into Davy Jones within a second.

In February of last year, I went on a walk with someone from my hometown whom I did not actually meet until he moved to Pullman.

Pullman winter winds are as brutal to fine hair as creamy lipstick is to first impressions. Put those in an equation — air draft + cream lippie + flying strands — and you're left with dancing tentacles on your chin.

It's a simple game of wind tangles hair, hair gets stuck to sticky lips, and lipstick smears on your cheek. You might see this as a lose-lose-lose situation. In reality, there's potential for this version of “Rochambeau” to be win-win-win in terms of a second date. If he's not as shallow as a reef, he will be into you even if you look like a sea monster from the deepest depth of the ocean.

See what I did there?

My freshman year of college, I made my then crush take me stargazing. Had we spent the date somewhere else, he would have gazed at the constellation of breakouts on my face instead of the stars in the sky.

That night was the moment I figured that he probably had no care in the world about my wispy thin eyelashes and pimples. I didn't have to wear makeup then, and I know I don't have to wear it now.

After all, we gotta do what we gotta do for some fleeky selfies, and going on bad dates might help us get there.

Cover Image Credit: Jerrin Concepcion

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The Truth About Dating A Girl With An Anxiety Disorder

She knows how annoying she can be, but she just prays you love her regardless of her flaws.


Anxiety: A nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.

The definition makes it sound really daunting. Truthfully, there is no one way to describe generalized anxiety disorder if you have it. It is hard to live with, hard to cope with and unfortunately, really hard to date with.

Girls with anxiety are different than the average girl when it comes to relationships. That's just an honest statement, no matter how much it hurts me to say it.

We need the constant reminder that you love us, even though we know in our hearts that you do. We panic when you don't answer your phone, in fear that we did something wrong. We care about your feelings when you say that we don't need to worry and we need to be a little calmer. But it's so damn hard.

It isn't easy to love someone who worries about everything 24/7. Half the time, we know we shouldn't be doing the things we do. We know we shouldn't blow up your phone or ask just one more time if you are mad at us. But we can't help it. It says it right in the definition: compulsive behavior due to excessive uneasiness.

Being with a girl with anxiety is probably downright exhausting. It's exhausting for us to have our minds constantly running and worrying. But I promise it's worth it.

We come to you with everything because you are the one person who always knows how to make us feel better. When we are happy, you are the one person we want to be happy with. We all know the constant reassurance, reminders and the same old arguments get old. It gets old to us too.

There was never a time I wanted to have a panic attack because my boyfriend wasn't answering his phone. In my head, I knew where he was because he was usually in the same three places. I knew he wasn't mad at me because I didn't do anything to make him upset. I knew how busy he was with his classes and he was probably studying and I needed to give him space. But the little voice in my head always argued, "What if you did something wrong? What if he's ignoring you because he's angry? What if he's seen your messages and calls, but no longer wants to be with you?" And then I give in. I call, I text, I cry, I panic. Only to feel even worse 10, 30 or 50 minutes later because you answer angrily, telling me what I already knew after I did what I knew I shouldn't have done.

Having anxiety is almost like having a drug addiction. You know all the things that trigger you. You know all the ways to stay away from the bad places in your mind so you don't end up relapsing. But you do anyway and it hurts worse every single time.

Dating a girl with anxiety is as hard as it gets, but she will love you like no other. She is so incredibly thankful for all the things you put up with to be with her. Because she is worried about being loved, she goes the extra mile to always remind you how much you are loved. She always asks if you are ok because she cares about the answer and knows what it's like not to be ok.

The truth is that dating anybody with anxiety is difficult, but it isn't impossible. You get back everything you put in, even though you may not realize it. Trust me, she is sorry for being the annoying, crying, worried, naggy mess and it embarrasses her because she knows better and she wants to be better for you. But please love her. Hold her, understand her, listen to her, calm her, be there for her. In your heart, you know she would turn around and do all the same things for you in a heartbeat.

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The 7 Stages Of A Breakup, As Told By Netflix's 'Someone Great'

Alexa play "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo, and max volume, please.


We all know how it feels to get your heart broken by a guy. Whether it be in your teens or in your 30s, everyone experiences it, or already has. After watching the movie “Someone Great" on Netflix, it hit me deep in my feels. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. It made me realize all of the stages of going through a rough breakup, and I could not relate to a movie more.

1. When you first breakup and will cry about it to just about anyone

We all know that we do this almost immediately after a break-up. You are just trying to get out of the house so you go to the store, something reminds you of our ex, and next thing you know, you're talking the stranger's ear off in the grocery store for the next 2 hours.

2. When your friends call you and you say you're fine but you really haven't moved from your couch in two days and all you have done is eat two gallons of ice cream and watch "The Notebook" on repeat

"Just come do something with us, or let us come there."

"Nah, I'm okay, I actually have a super busy day today."

Yeah, if you mean busy as in binge-watching every episode of "Pretty Little Liars," then yeah, count me out of all plans so I can rewatch every episode for the next 3 weeks. We all know that feeling of not wanting to move out of bed for as long as you can after a break-up.

3. When that ONE song comes on at the mall, and you suddenly realize it was "your" song

This one hits differently. You're literally just minding your own business, trying to treat yourself to a little bit of a wardrobe change because of how sad you have been all week and BAM, it hits you like a train. Next thing you know you're crying in the dressing room of Forever 21 wondering where it all went wrong.

4. Finally caving in and hanging with your friends, realizing that this is what you needed all along

You never want to leave your bed after a breakup, you seem to cancel or bail out on every plan you try to make, then finally, after you have run out of tears, you actually follow through with a girl's night, and then you suddenly realize that all along, just time spent with the gals is what you needed. Trust me, been there, done that. In most cases, a dance party is also well needed.

5. The morning after your girl’s night, you realize that having these gals is better than the boy 

Having your girls there for you in such a tough time actually helps so much. It helps save the tears, the constant replaying of memories in your head, and saves you the time you could be wasting if you're sinking into a deep sadness over something so dumb. That support system is vital for post-breakup, and even I know that.

6. You let him go one last time

Whether it be writing a letter, throwing away all your old memories with him, or by finally getting all your clothes back from his place that have piled up over the past few months or years. It is a truly bittersweet feeling and might even hurt a little, but it's time. You're going to thrive without him.

7. You truly know how much better you’re doing without him

You have reached the point of no return. You’re finally thriving without him. You’re never going back, and you know how much potential your life has and how much better you are without him. Your heart is whole again.

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