The Yankees Are The Greatest Team In Major League Baseball

The Yankees Are Not Only The Best Team In New York, But They Are Also The Greatest Team In Major League Baseball

Great team. Great results.

One of my personal life mottoes is "Great people produce great results." Now, you might be thinking, "I hate the Yankees" or you might be thinking "OH, HECK YES! I LOVE THOSE YANKEES! YES, THAT'S MY TEAM!" Or maybe you're somewhere in the middle, which is okay.

However, I am here to say that the Yankees are the best team in Major League Baseball.

The highest number of showings at the World Series? No, not really.

The best and greatest statistics in Major League Baseball? No, not really.

Isn't there another baseball team in The Big Apple? What about those "Mets?" The Mets don't even come close to the greatness of The New York Yankees.

The Yankees have always been a powerhouse full of solid baseball players ever since the franchise was founded. As a result of their great talent acquisition skills, they really live up to my motto of "great people produce great results." To make a business metaphor, the reason why Amazon is such a powerhouse in eCommerce, while internet services are not, is that they are the best at it... no, actually, they are not at all. It is because they are innovative and first to market, but more importantly, they are able to have great talent acquisition skills, which leads to the best people. These people have clearly been able to produce great results that impact society inarguably great ways.

The Yankees are the same. No team is more controversial in Major League Baseball, and that really adds a level of prestige to their franchise. My dad once said that the best managers are the ones who put the best team together, and that is what the Yankees really excel at. They are also simply the greatest ballplayers.

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