An Open Letter To My Boyfriend's Little Brothers

An Open Letter To My Boyfriend's Little Brothers

"Growing up as an only child, I have always wished for brothers and sisters."


To My Boyfriends Little Brothers,

Growing up as an only child I have always wished for brothers and sisters, and having a boyfriend with such close siblings has meant the world to me. I feel like I have gained a sister and three little brothers throughout this relationship. Y'all drive me crazy but I couldn’t live a week without y’all.

Anthony, Alex, and James

The boys, the hooligans, the trouble makers, the screamers. You will never know much you honestly mean to me. Each of you have opened up to me at you’re own pace and made me feel like an older sister to y’all. As much as I yell at y'all and make sure you are fed, go to bed on time, and discipline each of you, I do this because I care about y'all and I don’t want you to be cranky and fighting all day long. I’m always eager to baby sit each of you because I know it bonds our relationship and makes us closer. From trying to tell y’all no and just giving you rules on how to play, I cherish each and every one of you and the time we spend together.


My youngest boyfriend, we have 11 years until we can declare our relationship public. You opened up to me the fastest and started calling me your girlfriend then your wife. Since you are the youngest, you do drive me the most crazy. I love when you try the slick moves on me that your oldest brother/my significant other teaches you. From trying to use a pick up line on me or trying to get me to dance with you. I love your face when you kiss me on the cheek and ask Bryant what he is going to do about it. You always make my heart melt. I know you are the last wild child and will be even more of a heart breaker than you already are.


The middle of the middle child, you are so tall and lanky and I love it. You remind me daily that we are almost the same height and that you are almost half my age. You still have so much growing to do even though you think you know everything about the world and try to get away with everything, I can not wait to see who you become. I know you will be captain of the soccer team one day and still be as hard headed as you are now. Don’t ever lose that. One day it will take you far in life and you will dominate the world.


My last to become close to me. You are just beginning your teenage years and showing an interest for girls just within the time your brother and I have been dating. You have such high expectations for yourself and even though I had to break your heart that you will not be able to be an astronaut. I know you will accomplish so much more than that, and be able to provide for not only for yourself but for the rest of your family (me included). We have come so close in the last couple of weeks from playing Pokemon Go to going shopping for cupcake decorations for my birthday. I can not wait to teach you the ways of the world and watch you grow through your high school years and giving you relationship advice on how to deal with crazy girls.

There are not many people I would be able to wake up to fighting/screaming early in the morning without strangling them but some how I have managed to find the love for each of these boys and let them carry out their daily routine. Even though I have been an only child for the last 20 years of my life, I am so glad that I have gained these little boys and are able to influence and watch who they become as young adults.

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