WWII Veteran Who Fought For This Great Country

My grandfather loves America and fought to keep this country great. He never boasts about helping others and proudly proclaims himself a veteran. He taught me family is everything and that helping others is part of having humanity.

I figured everyone could use a break from the election. Here are some photos of a man who grew up during the Great Depression and served in WWII.

1) Boy Scout Bob

He has been a Boy Scout for about 70 years. Though he retired 20 years ago from his executive job he still volunteers time to Scouting.

For his commitment he won the Distinguished Eagle Scout award and started a scholarship that helps pay boy's dues. He believes that young men should have the opportunity to be a scout and for his birthday only asked that money be donated to the fund.

2) Seabee

One of my grandfather's greatest prides was fighting for the country he loves. He continues to wear his uniform at high schools and encourages students to never stop fighting for their rights.

3) Shriner

Through the Spartanburg Shrine Club he helps children in need. He raises money for the Greenville Children’s Hospital and provides children from any income to participate in a free summer camp.

He believes that children are the future and should have many opportunities despite their family’s income.

4) Adventurer

Despite his age he loves to go hiking and enjoys

fishing. My grandfather enjoys being able to keep up with us young folk. He says we only get one life and why not enjoy it to the fullest.

5) Married

My grandmother passed away 14 years ago but he still holds true to her. She was the love of his life and he still misses her. He provides me with a mold for the type of man I want as a significant other.

6) Christian

He never claims to be perfect or beats someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with him. He will be friends with people from all walks of life and displays Christ like behavior more than anyone I know. He taught me that people are human beings and should never be seen as anything less.

7) Grandfather

He loves spending time with his grandchildren. I am his only biological grandchild but there are two “adopted” grandchildren that he claims. Our two families have known each other for over 23 years and he has taken to introducing them as his granddaughters. He loves being a grandfather and says we keep him young.

Hopefully this article gave you some distraction from the 2016 election. Let us not hate one another for differing views but embrace each other as neighbors.

My grandfather taught me that voting is my right that shouldn't ever be wasted. We rocked that vote together!

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