Beautiful, Original Poetry
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Beautiful, Original Poetry

Poetry by me for you.

Beautiful, Original Poetry
Debbie Katz


Pale, white glow.

A mimic of laughter.

Flowers blooming along the sides of the road.

Crisp endeavors in a breeze of a busy encounter, you make everything better.

Jubilant exchanges, eager appearance, all is well and nothing is a problem.

Days pass, the upmost desire for humanitarian obedience and reconciliation among follicles hanging on with hope and the maximum amount of dignity you can find.

It is all deserved, nothing forgotten besides those things that hold us down.

Passion-filled eye sockets beam brightly, telling me it'll be alright.

Somehow I know it's okay, when they ask how I do it, I say it's who I do it for.

Inexplicably unexplainable but undeniably attainable in all directions.

A goal encompasses all my fears.

Trials and tribulations have nothing on me; mere hardships can't grasp at my duality when I think of you.

My love for you is like a river-calming.

Calming for both of us.

You're a gift to me, and I’ll do anything to make you happy all my life.

Thank you, my inspiration to chase my dreams.

You inspire me to chase my dreams, you are what gets me to them, you are my Chase.


Going down a secret tunnel,

Butterflies all around me.

Snails on the ground glide happily,

Everything is perfect in here.

Not a worry in the whole wide world.

Farther I go in the tunnel,

More surprises are on the way.

Crystal caves with glitter gemstones,

My whole life lights up when I'm here.

I feel alive and wonderful.

The tunnel is an ideal world,

Nobody judges others here.

I don't get sad or feel afraid,

Positive energy destroys hate.

No room for negativity.

The real world turns into a dream,

Fantasy is the tunnel’s scene.

Fairies flutter around like bees,

They sting me with their happy vibes.

I bleed sequins and come to life.

A bat roams around looking sweet,

I blow it a kiss and walk around.

Nothing can hurt me while I'm here,

Protection comes from within the tunnel.

Only good things are allowed inside.

Even the rocks are as soft as clouds,

Jumping from one rock to the next.

Prancing from the air to the sky,

Time stands still as the world sparkles.

My hope is at on high constantly.

Around the corner I see stars,

Floating in mid-air is the moon.

God’s creations come together,

Harmonious dreams all shine with love.

Magic takes over the tunnel.

I get close to the tunnel’s end,

Outside I see colorful lights.

The tunnel led me to find peace,

It is disguised as a rainbow.

Inner findings have led to more wonder.

Hope seeps through the tunnel’s cracks,

Like lava it burns my entire soul.

Glistening upon my body,

I feel so rejuvenated.

Alas, everything is at ease.

Miracles happen like clockwork,

Each hour is a milestone.

The gate-way to paradise has opened,

I’m led through by a thousand Knights.

People all around celebrate.

I brought the tunnel to others,

We all enjoy its true beauty.

As people brought back together as one,

The tunnel links us like a bridge.

Spirits are raised and life goes on.

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