Writing, You Changed Me Because...

Writing, You Changed Me because…

When I was younger, I began writing to expand the vivid ideas in my head. It was a wonderful way to create new worlds where I could escape from reality, as the cliché goes. That was the beginning of my relationship with writing.

The older I got, the more I saw what true depth writing had for me and the reality around me. It became more expressive and sure, ranging from topics like love and courage. The more I wrote, the more I began to consider writing to be a staple of who I was and who I wanted to be.

Writing was like the air I breathed and the blood that flowed through me. It became one with my mind and soul, like an entity all of its own accord. The words I wrote were like small passage ways to a bigger canvas, pulling me deeper into the dreams I wanted so vehemently to come true. It was poetry, music, literature, and more; writing was me.

The more I wrote in adulthood, it became therapy. The things I felt most unsure of became certain with pen and paper. Any lingering questions I had in my mind seemed less vague against blank space and time. Writing saved pieces of myself I thought I'd forgotten, serving as concrete memory.

For me, writing changed me into a better version of myself. It shaped parts of me that I realized needed strength, and I felt empowered to continue to better myself.

All from writing down my thoughts and feelings, I was able to be freer than I'd ever felt. I know that writing can seem like a burden but writing for you can be a world more enjoyable. A sentence a day about how you feel or what you're thinking can build into something more. My deepest hope that you take away from this week's piece is to write without fear or regret. Write to create more positivity and clarity for yourself.

I hope your life is changed greatly from the power of writing.

I know mine has, and I'll never look back.

Writing, thank you for saving and changing me.

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