Writer's Block, As Told By 'How I Met Your Mother'

Writer's block; it's something we've all dealt with. Whether it's writing a research paper, an essay, or (as I'm doing right now) an article, writer's block can come out of nowhere-- and is usually very frustrating and extremely hard to get over. It's also pretty difficult to describe accurately.

So, rather than having me attempt to describe writer's block myself, let's allow "How I Met Your Mother" to take over in describing the nastiness that is writer's block.

Before the writer's block hits, prospects always seem high. It always seems like you're about to write something that is--

You feel energized, ready, and totally prepared

But, all of a sudden, you feel the writer's block starting to hit

You try to move past it and be productive, but you can't

So, you try to find ways to distract yourself

You try to forget about the work you have to do

But while on the outside it seems like you're having fun, you're dying on the inside

Seriously, you're extremely frustrated

And eventually, you either give up...

Or, decide you just don't care anymore

And that's that

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