I have felt like the past few months all I have is writer's block, and I turn something in just so I have something. But, it's so exhausting just to do that even. I know there is TONS of stuff to write about but I want to write something that gauges my interest.

So, how do you cure writer's block? You don't, you cry. Or maybe crying is extreme but it's pretty frustrating as it is. Sitting in front of a computer screen, and scrolling endlessly for content to write to or write a counter perspective for just is not cutting it anymore because most of it is all the same in some way.

So then what? Well, you just don't write and then feel horrible when you turn something in that's not good or turn content that is way later than needed. And even when I ask for an extension, I still feel guilty because I should have at least have something, but nope it's blank space up in that brain of mine when it comes to weekly content.

But then, you have this idea and are passionate about but when you go to write it, well, just no passion in that writing that makes you even want to send it to review let alone publish it.

"Take a break for a week". Let me tell you, I should because sometimes it can be too much for me BUT I feel awful for needing a break. I should be able to juggle writing one article a week, right? But why can't I? How did I get myself out of this funk?

Welp, I have come to face the facts that I just don't. I just need to ride it out and hope that I can motivation to write about something I have at least some interest in. At first writer's block comes and goes for me, but then all of sudden I find myself getting hit with well, nothing.

And it lasts FOREVER. I might write about something once, maybe twice a month that I am happy with, or at least content with but the others I'm just "eh". It's a never-ending cycle of being stuck in a rut.

I could write ideas to talk about when the inspiration hits. But, then when I to write about I will not know what to discuss because the moment has gone and all I have left is a topic I'm passionate about discussing but my heart just is not in it to write. Or I lose the passion to even write about it.

It is a struggle when it comes to writer's block, and at this point, there is no cure and you just need to ride out writer's block until you get to a place where you're finding at least some inspiration.