There is nothing more detrimental to a writer than the dreaded writer's block. If you've ever had to write anything in your life (which you definitely have), odds are you've gone through these 6 stages of writer's block. Here are a few SpongeBob .GIFss to make the process even more relatable.

1. Ambition

You know you have to write something to write and you are determined to get it done on time. You can practically see the words you don't yet have fill the paper/Google Doc in front of you.

2. Emptiness

This is probably the most hopeless stage of them all. At this point, you're just staring at your paper or the screen. There are no ideas and not a decent word to write down. Time moves slow and your thoughts are blank as you stare out into space.

3. Procrastination

This is the stage that includes the most restlessness. You're doing anything BUT writing: watching weird YouTube videos, pacing back and forth, listening to show tunes, and any other activities that are counterproductive.

4. Bursts of energy that create little work

You're finally making progress! It's only a little bit, but hey, everyone works at their own pace. Besides, it's better than the mindless staring that went on an hour ago.

5. Actually getting work done

Now, you are focused and ready to take on this writing project! The bits and pieces you generated in the previous phase are now being tied together with a tidy bow. Things are finally starting to look up.

6. Completion

The once 400-meter dash has seemed to turn into a marathon run, but that's okay. The important thing to remember is that you're finally done and can reward yourself with some relaxation.