Some people are really good at expressing their feelings, thoughts, and concerns with other people. Take my sister, for example, she is able to eloquently express her feelings at any time, any day. I, on the other hand, tend to push all of my feelings away so that I am not bothered by them anymore. However, eventually those feelings resurface in an explosive manner or they start eating away at me. This looks like insomnia, anxiety, and unnecessary stress. Not. Good. I admire people like my sister but since I am still working being open about my emotions, I have found another outlet to express them.

Writing is that outlet for me. When I was about six years old I was gifted my first journal for Christmas. At the end of the day, I would write in my journal about how I felt that day. As I got older, I would write down important moments that happened in my life. My goal was to capture exactly how I felt in the moment so that in the future I could go back and remember that feeling. I found this to be therapeutic.

During high school, probably the toughest period for me in terms of my anxiety and restlessness, I turned to writing once again. This time, I decided to keep a prayer journal. It was my personal, ongoing conversation with God about my aspirations, my doubts, fears, regrets, everything. Every day when I wrote in my prayer journal, I found myself unwinding and relaxing from the stress of the day and feeling the presence of God impart peace on my spirit. I helped me so much that without it, I would not sleep, I would not be focused, and I would not be my usual upbeat self.

To this day, I continue to express my feelings in writing. It has changed my life for the better. It has allowed me to learn discernment and the importance of getting out my thoughts rather than keeping them in. I have found that writing out my thoughts helps me to better articulate them vocally. If you are like me and you struggle with this, I encourage you to buy a journal and just start putting the pen to the paper. It doesn't have to be some literary masterpiece, just you and your thoughts. It seems scary but trust me, it is worth it.