13 Steps To Writing An Article With Writer's Block
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13 Steps To Writing An Article With Writer's Block

Sometimes it's as easy as a jog around the block, and other times it's like running a marathon in August!

Steve Johnson

I've been writing for Odyssey for over 2 years now, and it's definitely been an interesting experience.

I've had to push through that awful writer's block here and there just like the rest of our writers.

My inspiration to write fluctuates all the time.

Sometimes I'm able to get an article out in 10 minutes flat, including the editing page.

Sometimes I'm able to pop out 3 articles a week!

Other times, it takes me 2 hours just to think of a topic, let alone write it.

My writing process during a bout of writer's block is like a wrestling match with your 2-year-old daughter while trying to put a bow in her hair.

No matter how much you wrestle with your brain, it just....won't....work.

Here's a brief description of my writing "process" while battling writer's block and a caffeine crash from Hades!

1. Try to brainstorm cool article ideas on your way to the coffee shop


Usually, I've already had an idea in mind for a while but didn't have time to write during the week. During my Designated Writing Day, if I have to brainstorm, I've already lost. I may as well accept defeat with a smile.

2. Order an iced coffee to get the creative juices flowing


My fatal flaw: not being able to run away from the zombies during the apocalypse because I have to stop and pee in a bush every 5 minutes. Oh well, at least it makes me feel like a superhero while we're still zombie-less!

3. Check your past articles for new views


I'm sorry, I just have to. Did my article about customer service go viral yet?

4. Browse through other writer's articles for inspiration


Maybe something interesting will give me the inspiration I need to start writing....or I'll just end up reading other people's creations and completely forget mine!

5. Finally receive a great idea for your article!


Eureka! Time to write!

6. Get your page set up and ready to write the greatest article of all time!


Let's go!

7. Pause to go to the bathroom (hashtag coffee addict probs)


Stupid white mocha with raspberry and an extra shot!

8. Return from the bathroom only to find your article idea has disappeared


What is this, a Houdini act in my brain?

9. Try to write something despite your lack of inspiration


I mean, I could write an article about not knowing what to write about, but I already did that last year. Dang it, back to the drawing board!




11. *bangs face on keyboard repeatedly*


Pfenrgrgjogr gjrogprjgmg rgrgprgjaorjgmeg jropfd[vsdkge

12. Remember that your writer's block article was a regular article, not a listicle


Houston, we have a loophole!

13. Bam! Writer's block listicle!


And just like that, we used writer's block to our advantage! Good job, Sarah!

Writer's block to a writer is like a pulled muscle to an athlete. What am I supposed to write about with no inspiration?

However, when you're struggling to find a good article idea, make your writer's block work for you.

Don't work harder, work smarter!

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