It has been a good semester so far and i am working hard to keep my promises. As time goes by and spring break upon its arrival, i have to work on my proposal for my English class. We have been talking about the proposal for weeks now; it is time to start thinking of issues that will make a great proposal project. Where do i start? I have been thinking about it but it seem that i cannot think of any topic for y proposal. I has been a week now since i started thinking and i came to the conclusion that i should talk about something that will help improve the Regis community. I thought about recycling and art around the school, then i realized that i can combine them and make them one proposal.

I was thinking that students can use recycling to make art which will make the campus more welcoming to people. I look around campus and i see that there are no pictures or arts so i was thinking why not use recycled things to make art and put them around campus. It is something that is very easy and the school will not have to spend any money on buying paintings. We can make them in our own way; i think it will make the campus unique. I am still thinking about and i hope that when i present it in class, the professor will give feedback on what to do and what to improve.