I'm gonna start by saying I AM NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE FOR MY BELIEFS, and sorry if you don't like what I have to say.

First, I believe love is love. I don't care if it's between man and women, girl and girl, or man and man. I may be straight, but I will support the LBGTQ+ community. We are all people and deserve to be treated as such.

And if you are reading this and need a friend, ally, safe space, or all the above- I am your person. I have no room to judge.

Secondly, I don't like how the government thinks it can control women's bodies. Making it hard to have access to birth control and abortions should not be up to anyone but the body it has affected.

What are they going to take next? Our education?

Third, I really don't like the negative stigma behind mental health. It is never a choice. I'll use me as an example. Four years ago do you really think I chose to have an eating disorder? It's a disorder for a reason, it's not something we can snap out of and that goes for everything: depression, anxiety, all of it. It's a struggle that can be treated with help, but don't ever put the blame on the person that is struggling.

So what I want to know is- would you love me any less knowing my beliefs?

I know most of my friends and family may have different views and I fully respect that, but please don't bash mine just because I see things differently.