The 5 Worst Snapchats Guys Always Send
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If A Guy Sends Me One Of These 5 Snapchats, He Gets Left On Open

Knock it off with the dog ears.

If A Guy Sends Me One Of These 5 Snapchats, He Gets Left On Open

I'm aware I'm a tough critic, but I feel like a lot of girls are on the same page as me on this topic. At least on board with 3/5 of these Snapchat "don'ts." Like most things I talk about, Snapchat isn't that deep. No one looks amazing at all times during the day, so don't be afraid to send a rough looking snap. I like guys more that don't try hard on Snapchat. Those guys have far more important things to do with their life rather than pose in front of a ring light. It also makes me feel more comfortable talking to them because I can tell that they are comfortable being human.

In my opinion, these are the five Snapchat styles that take a guy from a 10 to a zero.

1. A smile selfie

I am CRINGING as I write this thinking about receiving snaps like this. I don't even know how to explain why this is so bad, but I am so uncomfortable. Guys and selfies, in general, makes me uncomfortable. This is a maximum 10-second photo, not a Calvin Klein ad.

The thought of a dude lifting his phone and turning his jaw, smirking... lol, it's BAD. Call me gender bias or whatever I don't care, but guys and selfie smile snaps have got to go.

2. Shirtless mirror selfie out of no where

KNOCK IT OFF. We get it, you lift, bro. If I asked how your day was, I don't want a response of "good <3" with your shirtless self in the mirror. Let's leave a little to the imagination and answer the dang question. I'm not your hype man and I don't really care what you look like in your dirty bathroom mirror at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday.

Save the shirtless snaps for another time.

3. Adding a filter

GUYS, come on. The dude in this picture is hot, but he looks absolutely ridiculous with dog ears. Get out of here with the eye enhancing filters and skin softeners. Let your local Instabaddie utilize those tools. If you absolutely, positively must take a "model" photo, at least get rid of the dog ears.

4. Continuous snaps after being left on open

I get it, shoot your shot. I would say try maybe two or three times. If she still isn't responding, let it go, buddy. You did what you could, but now you're just being annoying. Find a new girl to Snapchat.

5. The inverted duck face

If you don't think this is cringing worthy, I'm sorry you wasted five minutes of your life reading this article because WOW this one really takes the cake (and we must not be on the same page). I mean I don't even know what to call this look. Lip-bite eye-stare? This look doesn't need to get it a name it's just gotta stop. I truly cannot imagine watching a guy taking a photo like this and thinking it is a good idea. Whatever, though, guess he's living his best life.

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