20 Pet Peeves That We All Have And We All Hate
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20 Pet Peeves That We All Have And We All Hate

People who blatantly ignore you while you're talking to them.

20 Pet Peeves That We All Have And We All Hate

Pet Peeve: a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them.

Anything from chewing gum loudly and blowing bubbles to interrupting someone talking nonstop. We all have little things that can annoy us to no end, so here's just a few of mine and I hope that some of you can relate.

Here are 20 of my worst pet peeves, there's definitely more, but these ones really spoke to me to share, so enjoy and I hope some of you guys can relate to them!

1. Those people who constantly interrupt you when you're talking

One of the most annoying things is wen you're trying to tell a story or a joke and someone just has to pipe in every time you start talking to say something they think is more important.

2. Those customers at work who can't help but be RUDE

So, many of us work in customer service and we all know it SUCKS. People can have the worst attitudes and it makes the job so much worse when you're just trying to get through your shift, but you have seven people yelling at you about why the prices are higher than they are at another store or why there aren't enough cashiers, or literally anything else that people can think of to get annoyed about.

3. We all know them as...LITTERBUGS

NOBODY LIKES A LITTERBUG, GUYS AND GIRLS. I REPEAT. NOBODY LIKES A LITTERBUG. It's so unattractive seeing someone litter and it's also killing the environment. Stop being so selfish and find a stinking trash can for that McDonald's cup.

4. People always asking, "how bad is your eyesight?"

Yeah. It's pretty bad, but thank you for going out of your way to acknowledge how thick and bulky my glasses are. Yes, I can still see how many fingers you're holding up. No, you can't try my glasses on because you're just going to make fun of me more after that.

5. The slow walkers who seem to never have anywhere to be

People, we all have somewhere to be. Can we just walk a LITTLE faster when we're going to class? I'm probably already late and you aren't helping my situation.

6. Someone complaining about something, but doing nothing to change the result

"I wish I was in better shape!" "So come workout with me sometime!" "Well I don't want to.." SO DON'T COMPLAIN! Nothing is more annoying to me than someone who complains about something that they can change, but doesn't want to do anything to change it, so they would rather just complain about it.

7. Those people who blatantly ignore you while you're talking to them

This is SO rude to me. Someone is trying to have a conversation with you and you go and just completely ignore them to read a text that could wait two seconds? At the very least, say something like, "hey, just give me one second, I'm sorry." or "I have to reply to this really quick, one second please!"

8. Can people say please AND thank you?

Come on, people. Basic. Manners. Did you grow up in a barn? If someone hold a door open for you, it's not hard to say, "thank you" really quick! Need to borrow a pencil for your exam? "Hey, can I please borrow a pencil?" Heck yeah you can, thank you for being polite about it too.

9. Those NASTY people who don't cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze

THIS IS HOW PEOPLE GET SICK. Not covering your nasty cough or snot when you sneeze or cough, is just asking to spread germs and gross people out. It's not that hard to use your elbow or a tissue to block that nasty stuff.

10. Customers and people who scream on the phone in public

Not everyone and their mother wants to hear your phone conversation, so why do people feel the need to yell in public on the phone or FaceTime in public? Personally, I still get uncomfortable if my mom overhears my FaceTime talks with my friends.

11. People who start off a sentence with "no offense but like..."

Anytime someone says this to me, I automatically think it's more offensive. Why else would you feel the need to basically, "Oh I hope you aren't bothered by this but..." unless you knew it was going to bother them? Quite, frankly, I think it makes things seem ruder. So, no offense, but just please don't say this to me.

12. Personal hygiene at work - there's lines you shouldn't cross...

Deodorant? OK Some cologne or perfume? OK. Maybe a quick mouthwash after your lunch. OK. Shaving your beard in the bathrooms? NOT OK. Trimming your toenails in the workplace? NOT OK. People, there are lines in the workplace that shouldn't cross, which including trimming your nails, shaving your beard or shaving ANYTHING for that matter.

13. Do you ever see those couples who think it's okay to suck face while in public?

Why do people think that anyone wants to see this? I'm a lifeguard and the other day, we had complaints of a girl licking her boyfriend's foot in our lazy river............ I'm sorry, WHAT? Why do people think that is okay? There are probably children around, and even if there isn't, I personally do not want to see you tongue wrestle with your boyfriend while I'm waiting for my class to start. Please, just get a room or go literally ANYWHERE ELSE.

14. The people who pour the milk before the cereal.

That's it. That's the post. It's just wrong and you should ALL know why. How are you going to know the correct cereal to milk ratio?

15. We all know and hate them...Debbie downers.

(this is one of my favorite gifs) BUT, people who are always so negative are just not fun people to be around. Start being a more positive person. People who just look on the dark side and kill the life of the party, SUCK. You could be having a great day, and some negative Nelly might come and try to kill your fun, and that sucks. So honestly, just try to avoid those people, and definitely, don't be one of those people.

16. When you always are finding nice clothes in the store, but they're never in your size

We've all seen a shirt we've wanted or some shoes that we just HAVE to buy right then, but then after searching for ten minutes looking for your size, you give up because they're clearly not going to have your size. It's the most disheartening thing, especially when you seem to have the most common size, so it happens ALL THE TIME.

17. People in the world who don't understand personal space

We all have someone that we know that just doesn't quite understand that people have personal space bubbles, and they ALWAYS cross that line. Whether it's leaning across you to grab something that they could've asked you to grab, or touching you without you permission. It's weird either way and it always bothers me. If you need something, ask me to grab it if I'm closer. Lint on my jacket? Let me pick it off, please don't touch me.

18. The people who seem to think your business is their business

THIS IS SO ANNOYING. If I want you to know something, then I will tell you. Please don't try to be nosy and pry into my life when something is not your business. The more you try to pick and pry into my business, the more annoyed I will get, I promise.

19. Animals Who Become Olympic Athletes At 3:30AM

If you have a cat or dog, you know what I mean. They think that bedtime means, "it's time to run suicide sprints up and down the hallway and sound like a stampede". It's great.......NOT. It just seems to me that the smallest animals are actually the loudest and I think it's to be ironic.

20. The CREEPS interrupting my workout

Now this...this is not only a pet peeve, but it's also WEIRD. Please don't come over to me while I have my headphones in and try to talk to me or hit on me or pick me up at the gym. Nothing is cute about me sweating and lifting weights, making ugly faces while I squat or dead lift. So please, just leave me alone in the gym, because I will have an attitude if you come up to me and make me pause my music!

These are the majority of my pet peeves. I hope at least SOME of you can relate to some, if not all of them! I think that this post was hopefully more relatable for you guys, and I hope you liked it! Thank you for coming to my TED Talk about pet peeves!!

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