113 Healthy Things To Do When You Are Bored

I'm in the last week or so of my extra long winter break, so needless to say, I have reached ultimate boredom. I was actually so bored I was able to come up with this list AND accomplish a lot of what I put on it. (One of my personal favorites is #50: It was oddly satisfying to see the finished product after lots of organizing and filling three bags of trash.)

There will always be a time that we reach ultimate boredom, so when that moment comes for you and you're stuck wondering what you could do, refer to this list!

1. Workout (at the gym or at home)

2. Reread your favorite book

3. Read a new book

4. Walk in the park

5. Journal

6. Color

7. Go through your closet and donate clothes you don't wear anymore

8. And your jewelry

9. And your shoes

10. Reorganize your closet once you've cleaned it out

11. Clean your room (because when was the last time you dusted or vacuumed?)

12. Organize and clean your garage

13. Read your Bible

14. Watch online sermons

15. Go through your journals from church over the years and read through your notes

16. Back up your phone

17. And your computer (important documents and pictures don't need to be lost)

18. Clean out your camera roll on your phone

19. And old text messages

20. And old notes in the notes app

21. Delete apps that you don't use that are just taking up storage space

22. Organize the apps on your phone (you know, move them around, group them together)

23. Send handwritten letters to the family members that you don't get to see very often

24. Write a letter to your significant other just because 

25. Take lunch to your parents or a friend at work

26. Cook dinner for your parents

27. Make a list of people who inspire you

28. And then reach out to those people (if you can) and let them know how much they mean to you

29. Clean out junk drawers (you know you've got at least one of these somewhere)

30. Throw away old socks with holes in them

31. And then buy new ones

32. Brainstorm ideas for presents for a friends birthday coming up

33. And ideas for gifts for Mother's Day and/ or Father's Day

34. Plan a party (for your birthday, a friend's birthday, an upcoming holiday, etc.)

35. Start brainstorming ideas for your next Halloween costume (it's never too early to start that, right?)

36. Cook your favorite home cooked meal

37. Create a recipes board on Pinterest

38. Try out some of those recipes

39. Clean your computer keyboard

40. Clean out your backpack

41. Clean out your purse

42. And your wallet (throw away old receipts, check gift card balances, throw away old gift cards, etc.)

43. Clean out the inside of your car (trash, receipts, the console, vacuum floor mats, etc.)

44. Wash your car (inside and out)

45. Yard work (it sucks but it has to be done eventually)

46. Unsubscribe from junk emails 

47. Clean out your inbox of old, unnecessary emails

48. Review and/ or edit your resume

49. Get crafty and paint a canvas

50. Declutter your pantry by throwing out expired foods

51. And then reorganize the pantry

52. Then repeat the decluttering and reorganizing for your fridge

53. Reorganize the kitchen cabinets that you just keep stuffing appliances and dishes in and hoping they don't fall out the next time you open the door

54. Paint your nails 

55. Binge watch your favorite Netflix show

56. Watch old episodes of game shows and see if you can 'beat' the contestants (Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, etc.)

57. Take a nap

58. Take a bubble bath

59. Do a face mask

60. Try out new hairstyles or makeup looks

61. Clean your makeup brushes

62. And throw away makeup you haven't used in forever that is just taking up space in your makeup bag

63. Clean your bathroom (wipe the counters, scrub the shower and toilet, replace the old shower liner, etc.)

64. Take a walk down memory lane by looking through old family photo albums or yearbooks

65. Play a board game

66. Do a puzzle

67. Or a word search

68. Or a crossword puzzle

69. Bring out your gaming system and play a game you loved when you were younger (Mario Kart on the Wii is where it's at)

70. Unfollow people on Instagram that you don't know or no longer have any connection with or desire to follow

71. Declutter your Facebook friend list too

72. And you might as well do Twitter and Snapchat while you're at it

73. Do your laundry (sheets, clothes, blankets, everything)

74. And do the dishes while you're at it

75. Crank up the tunes and dance like no one is watching

76. Watch your all-time favorite movie

77. Watch a movie you have never seen before (in a genre you think you don't like)

78. Watch a classic movie from before you were born

79. Visit an animal shelter and play with animals

80. Listen to music (definitely a go-to while doing all the above-mentioned cleaning tasks)

81. Make playlists on Spotify for every type of occasion (throwback songs, girls night in, road trips, etc.)

82. Search YouTube for a new favorite song

83. Think of something random that you don't know how to do and watch YouTube videos to learn (how to tie a tie, how to braid hair, etc.)

84. Learn how to do calligraphy

85. Volunteer in your community

86. Fulfill your sweet tooth by snacking on your favorite sweet

87. Even better, bake something sweet

88. Or go through a drive-thru and get ice cream

89. And then pay for the person's order behind you (random acts of kindness are always a good idea)

90. Read the news (can be boring but good to be aware of our country's current state)

91. Write the future you a letter and open it six months or a year down the road

92. Watch old videos of memories on your phone

93. Do some online shopping

94. Or go out and window shop if you don't want to spend money

95. And then brainstorm ways you could save money

96. Take your dog to the dog park

97. Play with your dog at home

98. Better yet, teach your dog a new trick

99. Give your dog a bath

100. Have a photo shoot with your pet

101. Have a photo shoot with your best friends

102. And then go get ice cream after

103. Explore your hometown with a desire to learn something new

104. Find a new cozy spot in your hometown

105. Go to your favorite restaurant but try something NEW, not your go-to order

106. Start a blessings jar (my family does this at the start of every new year and then we read them together at the end of the year; such a cool way to reflect on the year)

107. Wash your dirty shoes (especially tennis shoes)

108. Clean the things we forget to clean but use on a regular basis: the bottom of the trash can, light switches, door handles, shower curtains, remotes, hairbrushes, etc. 

109. Go to bed early just because (I mean, you are bored right? Might as well sleep.)

110. Get up early to watch the sunrise

111. Update your agenda with assignments, exams, etc. as well as doctors appointments and birthdays of friends and family

112. Make a list of things that make you happy

113. Or a list of things that you are grateful for (from the smallest to the biggest things; have a grateful heart)

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