Plenty of people in college pick up part-time jobs. Some many help out with bills such as tuition or books or rent. Others may use their paychecks for pizza and shitty beer. Whatever your reasoning is, here are the pros and cons you should know before getting a part-time job in college:

Pro: You can afford more than Ramen.

Not saying that every student worker doesn't eat Ramen but we have the luxury of ordering delivery or picking up Chipotle every once and a while.


"I can't I have to work" becomes an automatic response to anyone who wants to hang out. Oh, your friends want to go out on a Thursday night? Sorry, have to work. I'll watch all your Snapchat stories and wish I was there though.

Pro: Money.

Who doesn't enjoy having money in your bank account? Your friend complaining about how she only has $1 in her bank account? Sorry, can't relate.

Con: Money disappears too quickly.

The first couple days after getting a paycheck you're swimming in takeout orders but the next after you're back to eating Ramen leaving you wondering where all that money went. Paying for bills makes this even worse. A click of a confirmation button and your whole paycheck can disappear.

Pro: Builds your resume.

Nothing says "employ me!" than working part-time and being a full-time college student. Employers like to see that you can handle working and being a full-time student.

Con: Time.

You have no time. Ever. You think you can relax on a Wednesday? Nope. Working means taking away from time you could've spent studying, doing laundry, homework, eating, or working out.

Pro: You make friends

College kids ban together and form friendships at work on the foundation of complaining together. No one understands the struggle but your coworkers. Plus for freshmen, this is an easy way to be forced to interact with other human beings

Con: Drama at work.

Unfortunately, some people in college haven't yet learned to leave the drama in high school so drama at work can become a problem. Rumors spread like wildfire so be nice to everyone so you can sit back and enjoy the show and not get sucked into it.

All in all, working during college has taught me a lot about myself that I wouldn't have learned just sitting in a classroom and I've met a lot of my closest friends at work. Now that you know the pros and cons, the choice is yours: to work or not to work?