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I am working on having more ambience lighting because the overhead gives some people headaches.

I am working on being more concerned about other people's headaches. This is called compassion.

I am working on being less concerned about my own. This is called being an adult.

I am working on being an adult. This means I make my own dentist appointments and pay taxes.

I am realizing that I know nothing about taxes and understand now why Americans have such bad teeth.

I am working on biting my tongue, grinning and bearing it. Especially the politics. I am unsure that this is called progress.

I am working for progress and against my own sanity but sacrifices must be made and even without insurance, at least the crazy still think themselves sane.

I am working on a plan to save the planet but I get my best thinking done in the shower so that seems counterproductive.

I am working on being a productive member of society even with all the remnants of teenaged angst telling me to fuck it.

I am working on love which means I have to end this here because nothing connects.

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