Why Ohio University Is Much More Than A Party School

Why Ohio University Is Much More Than A Party School

Work hard, party hard

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"You go to Ohio University? You know that's a party school, right?"

Let's face it, you would be lying if you haven't heard those words before by a family member, a friend, neighbor, or even your boss. It seems that almost everybody has the same preconceived notion of Ohio University being nothing more than a school where students get blackout drunk and do all kinds of juvenile and reckless things that give it somewhat of a negative reputation. We have all heard horror stories from OU's notorious Halloween block party (pun intended), and we have all seen videos of Number Fest over the years with students chugging beers, drunkenly starting mosh pits, and yes, even mud wrestling. It's no doubt that OU definitely has a knack for having fun, but at what cost? What else does OU have to offer besides getting plastered every weekend at the bars?

Well, I'll tell you. Ohio University's world famous Scripps College of Communication is nationally ranked among other distinguished schools including Syracuse, Columbia and Northwestern in a NewsPro poll. The Scripps college offers more than 3,000 internship opportunities at companies including "The Today Show," CNN, and even the Wall Street Journal. Scripps' journalism program has ranked 7th in the country along with its photojournalism program within the top 3, and the college has given birth to many famous TV personalities including Matt Lauer of "The Today Show," Ed O'Neill from "Married...With Children" and "Modern Family," and former talk show host Arsenio Hall.

Scripps is not the only distinguished college at Ohio University, however. OU's College of Business has ranked 15th best among public undergraduate business schools by Bloomberg Businessweek, and their online nursing program has ranked 5th in the nation according to Best College Reviews.

Aside from their prestigious academic programs, another important thing that Ohio University has to offer is the great sense of diversity and community on campus. Students from all kinds of states, cities, backgrounds, races, even different countries all come together and create a melting pot of so many different experiences and stories that they all share with one another. OU is so welcoming to all different kinds of people whether it's the staff, students, classes or student organizations. In fact, OU offers almost 500 on-campus organizations, many of which are entirely student-run. Ranging from newspapers/magazines, club and intramural sports, language clubs, clubs within almost every university program, there is something for everybody on campus that anybody can be a part of.

Lastly, the whole essence of Ohio University comes from the immense amount of school spirit the students have. Everywhere you go you will see students, even teachers, strutting around wearing their OU shirts, shorts or hats, and one can simply tell that they are proud to represent those letters. Even when you're back at home and see someone wearing an OU shirt, you instantly smile because they are, or once were, a part of the Bobcat family. Unlike schools such as Ohio State that sell spirit wear in almost every Walmart you go to in Ohio, there is a much closer, tight-knit community at OU that makes you feel connected to everyone else. School spirit is also seen during all kinds of sporting events, with students filling up every single bleacher in the football stadium, the Convocation Center, the baseball field, cheering their team onto victory. Even the Marching 110, ranked within the top 5 collegiate marching bands in the country by USA Today, attracts thousands of fans with their unique twist on contemporary songs and their jaw-dropping choreography.

So, next time someone tries to tell you that Ohio University is nothing but a party school, simply laugh and prove them wrong. Our students know how to study, they know how to get involved, and they still manage to go hard and have fun every single weekend. What more could you want from a college experience? Work hard, party hard, Bobcats.

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