'Work From Home' Music Video Needs Some Work

Fifth Harmony dropped their new song “Work From Home” on Friday, Feb. 26. Fifth Harmony also recently showed off their album cover that is titled "7/27" and expected to be out on May. I think that Fifth Harmony releasing a new single and announcing a new album relatively soon after still riding off of their success with “Worth It” is genius. The powerful girl group knew they finally had the spotlight on them and needed to turn out some new material soon in order to maintain that popularity. The girls needed to keep their relevancy by at least updating us on their new music, and they have greatly been doing that. In interviews they all would hint at a new single or about upcoming album news. I have been a Harmonizer since their beginning on "The X Factor." I watched them form, have their mild beginning success, and then blow up. I even had the amazing opportunity to see them on tour, which was incredible. I always knew that the group had amazing potential and it was great to see them achieve so much success.

The single just dropped, but what’s my verdict as a Harmonizer? I, personally, think that the new song is catchy, but the video didn’t knock my socks off. While I was writing this article, I was listening to the song on repeat because that’s how catchy it is. The first time listening to it, I was a little disappointed, but the more I listened, the more infectious the beat got. I think the song itself is a bit more mature for the group and not so “teen pop," and I love it. The track isn’t anything vocally outstanding which is fine for the first single, but I’m hoping the album has more vocal showcasing on it. However, the group did mention that this album is finally giving them more of chance to voice their own decisions on things, which is good for them! The one thing that I don’t care for is the video.

The music video takes place at a home construction zone where they are of course surrounded by attractive, sweaty men. The girls all look amazing and better then ever, but the moves in the video look so forced. The whole video is supposed to be sexy, but most of the girls' moves all look like they are just trying to be sexier. The girls don’t need these unnecessary moves to make them look sexy because I don’t think it’s working. “Worth It” was a video where I think that all of the girls look amazingly sexy in the video without even trying. The girls all look beautiful and are dressed sexy, but the “sexy cement pouring” and "ruler play" really isn’t needed.

I could tell that they were trying a little too hard, which had me starting to laugh. I also think that this deters from the girls and has the viewers looking more at the sweaty men. I just think that the video felt thrown together and could’ve looked better for the girls. I’m still going to jam to the song, and don’t get me wrong, the girls all look flawless in the video, but the moves were a little off. The dance moves, however, were on point! I'm glad they have a choreographed dance for this song, cause they always have me watching the video more to learn the dance.

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