8 Reasons Why You Need Work Best Friends Like Mine
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8 Reasons Why You Need Work Best Friends Like Mine

If I was a betting woman, I'd bet they're better than yours.

8 Reasons Why You Need Work Best Friends Like Mine
Lauren Oaster

This one goes out to all the people that keep me sane, both in the kitchen and out.

1. Its easy to complain about work

Most of us, no matter how much we say we love our jobs, have reason to complain. Who better to complain to than someone who worked through a particular busy dinner rush right next to you? They *get it* more than anyone else possibly could. That ONE person that was particularly annoying that day? You can talk about it and not have to explain it too much because they understand!

2. They've seen me at my worst...

Ever been in a kitchen in the heat of the summer where the temperature is pushing 120 degrees with 8 other people? We've seen each other dripping sweat, with high-stress levels, makeup melting off, hair in 45 directions, flour places where you didn't think flour could go, and any other circumstance you could think of. They've also closed with me at the tail end of a 13 hour double following two closes, and I can assure you that's not pretty. But they're the reason I can make it through shifts like that alive. They keep me laughing and smiling until we lock the doors.

3. ...and my best!

On the days we all work together, we go out afterwards, and I always look forward to Monday nights for that reason. We party and have game nights on Friday and Saturday nights after we close. Some of my best memories have been with the people I work with. I am also in a great relationship, and guess where I met him? Work. And guess who set us up? Our coworkers. They all got sick of me telling them how cute I thought he was, and they took matters into their own hands.

4. I can tell them anything

We all know so much about each other; it's scary. I tell them some things I wouldn't even tell my closest family members, because it's just different. I trust them with my life, in a different way. When something good happens, the people I work with are often the first to know.

5. Its such a dynamic and unpredictable relationship

One minute we're yelling at each other about an order that got messed up, and the next we're laughing at a meme together in the back room. We're all such lively people, and our interactions are always funny, entertaining, and just enjoyable.

6. We know each others' Wawa favorites

Whether it's an opening shift an we're surprising each other with smoothies or coffee, or its a Saturday night close and we're slow enough for someone to run to the Wawa two doors down, we can pretty much guess what everyone will want. And we hardly ever give each other money, we just pay each other back in future Wawa trips.

7. I know they ALWAYS have my back

It doesn't matter the situation, based on the way we've defended each other to customers and other coworkers, I am confident they'd take a bullet for me. I'm also confident that they know I'd do the same for them.

8. They're like my family away from my family.

When you spend upwards of 30 hours a weekend with the same people, you end up being close with them. I care about them like a family, and hope the best for them. You know exactly who you are, I love you guys!

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