When it comes to your job, I truly believe the people you work with can make or break it for you. I mean you are spending the majority of your time with them after all.

Really though if you think about it, you see your coworkers all day long for most days of the week, and for most people that is usually more than they see their friends and family.

How much we have to work to make a living is absolutely insane if you ask me... but you just have to do it I guess, so let's get this bread, am I right?

I lucked out when it came to my most recent job. I had some of the best coworkers I have ever had, and now I truly consider them friends. Which is percisely why it made leaving the company so difficult.

I will definitely miss our daily lunch club, making fun of the boys, and helping to build each other up in the workplace.

The company was small with only about thirteen employees, nine of them being men, so us ladies really stuck together.

We also bonded over all of the dumb stuff the men would say and do, and honestly is there a better way to bond with your coworkers? We got daily entertainment by observing and analyzing the boys, and it was always commical.

When we weren't laughing about the guys though, we were working hard and helping each other grow. I was seriously so blessed to be surrounded by some of the most hardworking and dedicated women I have ever met.

Especially with being a recent college graduate, they really turned into some of my biggest role models and people I would love to be like in my career.

I will truly miss all of the laughs we had, bonding over The Office, and keeping each other updated on all of the recent news and scandals. I really wish I could pick up my job and take it with me in my next stage of life, but that's not how it works so I guess it's goodbye.

With coworkers like them, it will be hard to start over somewhere new. I know we will see each other again though and we can catch up on all the craziness that's gone down since I left. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being not only the best coworkers but some of my fondest friendships.