A Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,

There is not near enough words to tell you how I feel or how much you mean to me. Cliche? Yes, but oh so true. I know I have the world's best mother, even though not everything is perfect. The house may not always be clean, there is always laundry to be washed and folded, and the food may get a little dark somethings, but you always try. You work day in and day out. You are a chief, house cleaner, doctor, counselor, couch, cheer squad, teacher, best friend, and so much more. You work 24/7 and have no holidays. You do so much for your kids and spouse. I could not imagine life without you. Therefore, I want to thank you.

Thank you for always cheering me. No matter what I decided to do, you were there and you cheered. You were there when I joined band and robotics and performing arts and art club and FFA and every other activity that caught me attention. You went to as may events that you could and would always cheer for my success. But, you did more than cheer. You helped pick me up when I failed or did not do to good. Most importantly, you let me do what I thought was best. For example, when I came to a point where life began to get crazy, busy, and I was not getting along to well in FFA, you never stopped me from dropping it. But, you never let me drop band or robotics because you knew no matter how much I griped and complained, the programs were good for me and I enjoyed them.

Thank you for supporting my decisions. Not only where you there for me during my activities, you stood by me in my life decisions too. When I changed my ideal job multiple times in a span of a few years, you would just nod your head and go along with it. You supported me in my choice of a college and major. When I wanted to cut my hair, you did not criticize me or tell me that it was unladylike. You just simple stated "It's just hair. It will grow back." You also let me bake when I get in the moods, even if it is half past midnight and Dad just finished the dishes. You went along with the flow of my crazy ocean of a mind and never complained. You just smiled and accepted me and the changes in my life.

Thank you for doing what was best for me, even if I did not like it. I may have not always agreed with your rules or forms of punishments, but I now know that they were for the best. I was a pain in the butt and I could cause a lot of trouble when I wanted, but you always set me right. You did not only punish me. You also told me why I was wrong and helped me learn what was right. You also stopped me from doing crazy things. You never did let me dye my hair blue or red (even though I still want to) and I know that you have your reasons. Those dyes could ruin my hair and you knew that. You only stopped me because you knew how that would change my life. While my cut hair may grow back, the dye would have changed it preeminently and if I did not like it, I was stuck with it until it grew out long enough for me to cut it. You knew this and stopped me from making that possible mistake.

Thank you for letting me make mistakes. While you may have stopped some of my mistakes, you let me make a few. Due to this, I have learned so much. You let me wear myself out by not sleeping. Now, I try to stick to a sleeping schedule. You let me taste baking ingredients before I put them in to the mixture. Some of them were good and others were bad. This is also the reason why I will never trust you when you smile and say. "Go ahead."

Thank you for always being there. You were always a friend to me. I could sit forever with you and do crafts or puzzles. You were always a shoulder to cry on, even if I did not want to talk about it. You understood that sometimes I just needed to cry. You were there for me when I came running in with tear stained cheeks after a hard break up. You would just hold me and tell me that "Everything is going to be alright". No matter what was going on in my life, I know that I can go to you. Rather it is a need to express joy or in need of advice, you are always there with a listening ear and a wise word.

Thank you for loving me. You never cared who I became or what I did. You always loved me. You could see past my flaws and failures and love me endlessly. I could choice to be anyone or anything and you would love me unconditionally. No matter what I know one this one thing. Even if I somehow caused the end of the world, you would love me with ever breathe of your life, and even after that breathe stills.

One last thing. I do not tell you near enough, but Mom:
I love you!

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