Words To Live By
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Student Life

Words To Live By

We are all combinations of everything we know.

Words To Live By

There are many people we come across on a daily basis. We have hundreds of conversations and interactions every week. Occasionally, someone says or does something that sticks with us, and we hold onto it for the rest of our lives. Quite often, these words or actions of wisdom come from those closest to us. I asked a few people I know a question, and the responses I got were very refreshing to say the least.

What is something your best friend taught you that has impacted your life?

"Don't sweat the small stuff."

"Made me a better basketball player by giving me competition."

"So personally, I went through a phase where I hated everyone. I wouldn't say 'I love you' nor show any affection; however, two of my best friends would constantly tell me they loved me after every conversation- or even randomly. They'd force me to cuddle, hug them, be affectionate and it definitely impacted me. Now I say 'I love you' after every conversation and even randomly to remind people that they're appreciated, and now I'm such a sucker for hugs, cuddles, and any form of affection. It's made me more loving, more appreciative, and definitely a softie."

"My best friend taught me to be crazy. And to be okay with being crazy."

"She taught me what true friendship looks like."

"One thing I learned is that you can always count on them to open up about your struggles."

"The impact that my best friend made on my life is huge. She basically gave me another family who always has their doors open for me. She showed me what it's like to live a real Christian life and to serve in a ministry."

"That it's okay to open up and be vulnerable. You don't need to be strong all the time."

"Well, my best friend taught me to never give up on my family or the dreams I have. To always put God in front of everything. She taught me to put on eyeliner and to love my curly hair. To always take my contacts off at night and to set an alarm for my pill. My best friend taught me to be accepting of others. The difference between than and then. She gave me good tips on saving money. She taught me to sing a little less horrible."

"My best friend has taught me to not have fear towards something that seems impossible to accomplish, to be honest about things that you don't have knowledge of, and to never be scared of speaking your mind or taking a risk on something or someone."

"Friends are the ones who are brutally honest and open."

"She's taught me to enjoy the process of growing together; laughing and crying with each other as we faced family struggles and overcame internal barriers. I've learned to share with her; not just food and clothes, but pain and joy. I've had great friends growing up, but our friendship taught me the power of simple sisterhood in everyday life. It's not complicated, it's a natural process of connecting with each other as we both grow individually and figure out what kind of woman you're becoming."

"Don't change for anybody!"

"That sometimes, I'm my own best friend, and I can/should define myself, (often with outside support) but not always in relation to someone else."

"My best friend has taught me not to be afraid of being who I am and allowing others (who maybe aren't my friends) to see the difference within me. Especially when it comes to being a follower of Christ. Sometimes it's hard to be bold and be different from everyone else in the crowd, but she's been leading by example in everything she does. She gave a great example this week when she returned from her mission trip. She told me about this stretch of green trees they would drive by every day, and there was this one bright yellow tree that really demanded their attention because it was so bold and so beautiful. She encourages me (and everyone around her) to be bold for God."

"Sadly my best friend taught me that he won't always be around, so treasure the time we have."

"Sometimes you have to ignore what everyone thinks about you and just live your life."

"So two things come to mind. 1. My best friend, Greg, works out with me a lot, so one thing he's taught me is that I always have to approach every set/workout/rep wanting to give 110% and that more often than not you can do one more rep or keep going for a couple more seconds. That's been influential because it's made me stronger both physically but also mentally and having the mental capacity to keep going. That's something that's applicable to everyday life too. 2. My dad is also my BFF and he's taught me to always have a patient and loving approach to anything I do, with everyone I do it with, and that's made me a more patient and loving person overall."

"Something that my best friend taught me is to not be afraid because I used to be shy, so she signed us up to dance in front of the whole middle school and fifth grade, and ever since I've been more relaxed around people."

"How important it is to maintain relationships with other humans and not isolate yourself."

"My best friend taught me that I shouldn't give up on my dreams just to please other people and let the step all over me. He helped me see that I should work hard for what I want and that nothing is given to us for free, which is something I struggled with before, like taking action and doing stuff for myself. That was crucial for me to be where I am today and who I am as a person!"

"My best friend taught me what it feels like to have my sides hurting from laughing so hard."

Here's to the people that bring us up, stand by our side, and give us the words to live by!

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