Gary Woodland's Magical Win At The U.S. Open At Pebble Beach

Gary Woodland has always had the reputation of being a good golfer at the professional level but could never quite get over the hump from good to great. Gary won the first major of his career on Sunday at Pebble Beach Golf Links. What's a better father's day gift than winning 2.25 million dollars. Also, Gary outperformed the reigning U.S. Open champion Brooks Koepka to take home the trophy. Koepka has shown his dominance this year through his multiple winnings including a major win at the PGA Championship. However, Gary was playing lights out on the weekend shooting four under. This win could not have come at a better time for Gary Woodland as he now has a chance to crack into the top 10 for the World Golf Rankings.

This win meant a lot to Gary as it was on Father's Day two years following the devastating miscarriage of his future son. He also has had to deal with the recent loss of his grandmother who died in January 2019. This is Gary's best performance of his career and will hopefully boost his status on the PGA Tour. He is not new to playing well on the tour as he is currently in 3rd place on top 10 finishes this season with 9.

Also, he had two 2nd place finishes previously this year before winning the U.S. Open so you knew he was eventually going to break through with a victory this season, according to ESPN. He has shown to the world that he can play at an elite level and this is just a perfect example of it. Expect Woodland to keep playing sharp heading throughout the season as he still has a lot to play for. Woodland is still currently in the race for the FedExCup as he stands in 3rd place with a total of 2,193 FedExCup points.

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