Three Women to Make Women's Month Even Better
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Positivity In The Month Of Women

With the expansion of social media, we are clobbered with negativity on a daily basis. Whether it be harsh words from another or the FOMO stemming from one famous person's private getaway, but there's no need for this constant streamline of hate.

Positivity In The Month Of Women

The month of March is celebrated as Women's Month and homes International Women's Day. Hopefully between Snapchat and Instagram, everyone already knew this. Many people across many platforms were promoting it, but what about the people that didn't acknowledge it. Or even the people that continue to spread negativity before and throughout the month.

Social media can be a very positive or very dark place. It is all about who you surround yourself with and what you decide to promote with likes or comments and what you post. Most of what ends up viral on the internet is inherently pessimistic by nature of its tone.

During this month, and in general, we should be spreading positivity.

Step one for being a more positive person begins with surrounding yourself with positive people. It is easy to succumb to the norm of following people "because they are attractive", but I challenge that idea and say we should only surround ourselves with people that provide substance to our day.

Emmy Rossum first comes to mind as someone who spreads positivity. She is often vocal about her human rights pursuits and stays genuine when talking about her health issues.

The former First Lady Michelle Obama is another inspirational role model for many women and men. As someone who has continued her passion for social affairs beyond he husband's Presidential role and still does to this day.

Yet another woman that we can look to for positivity and light-heartedness, is one Tati Westbrook. Westbrook has been on the internet for years, beginning her YouTube career in 2010 and has kept her social media positive, honest, and real. After launching her own skin supplements, she opened the conversation of real honest skin issues with her subscribers.

There are plenty of people online that have only gotten famous off their looks or how they portray themselves online. The three women above have impacted the world and many minds in unique ways. While everyone has social media to post the things that they like whether it's our pets, a quality photo with family/friends, or an appreciative snapshot of our current location, this isn't an excuse for that to be all we are.

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