Women On YouTube Who Make Binge Watching Worth It
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Women On YouTube Who Make Binge Watching Worth It

If you're looking for laughs, hair tips, makeup tutorials, and girl power, these are the perfect people for you.

Women On YouTube Who Make Binge Watching Worth It

1. Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard, who started off as a Buzzfeed editor, has grown to be one of my favorite newer YouTubers. Her channel is mostly a lifestyle channel where she does challenges like "I Dressed Like it was 1977," "I Bought the First 5 Things Instagram Recommended to Me," "I Dressed Like Store Mannequins for a Week," and other beauty-guru related videos such as "My 10 Favorite Lipsticks." Not only does Safiya provide different and interesting video concepts, but she also tried to provide facts behind these fashion choices, social media, and algorithms, etc.

2. Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is one of the more known woman of color Youtubers. She is a beauty YouTuber and she is known for her full face of makeup using one brand, as well as her reviews on new makeup releases. Jackie Aina also uses her platform to speak up about the inequality in the makeup industry, such as which makeup companies do not create shades that go lighter or darker than a certain skin color. She tries to educate her viewers on the best brands as well as lines for darker skin and black-owned and woman-owned companies. She also has gained a huge following on Twitter as well, due to her amazing sense of humor as well as her "no-nonsense" approach to negativity.

3. Amy Serrano

Amy Serrano, who is a fashion styler is also a very versatile YouTuber. Not only do her videos offer fashion advice, but she dabbles into the topics of makeup, haircare, and other aspects of self care. She even has videos for #SelfCareSundays, which she heavily follows on her Instagram account. Though self care may not seem like it's Amy's main focus on Youtube, her Instagram heavily emphasizes self care, where she reviews face masks on her story, shows her morning routine, etc. If you're looking for a versatile person to subscribe to, Amy Serrano would be a top recommendation of mine.

4. Simply Nailogical

Canadian-based Christine, who goes by "Simply Nailogical" takes a very different approach to Youtube. Christine has a channel geared towards you guessed it - nails. She offers tutorials for different designs, shows the best kinds of nail polishes for different things, hilariously reviews children's nail toys, and also reviews adult nail products. She also occasionally shows makeup tutorials and displays affection for her cat Menchie (who has his own nail polish color) and her boyfriend, Ben. Her channel mainly revolves around her obsession with holographic nail polish, which led her to coin the term "holo-sexual." Her bubbly personality and amazing sense of humor can make anyone interested in nail polish.

5. Jaelah Majette

Jaelah Majette is another "beauty and lifestyle Youtuber." Her channel started off mainly as a natural hair channel, which stemmed from her shaving her head to go natural around two or so years ago. Now her channel revolves around not only natural hair, but her life as a whole. She does a series of reviews for clothing brands and hair products/companies, but also blogs about the life of her and her husband, Marcus, who make even me shout "relationship goals." Jaelah tries to spread love and positivity as well as encourages all to be carefree just like her on all her social media platforms.

6. Irishcel507

IrisBeilin, known to the Youtube world as Irishel507, is a former MAC employee-turned-Youtuber. Her Youtube channel is mostly geared towards makeup, but she also reviews hair products, clothes, and face masks along with other self care products, and does challenges such as the 5 Minute Makeup challenge. She also has a few viral Halloween makeup videos as well (which look pretty realistic). Her sweet and angelic personality shows through in all her videos, as well as her sense of humor.

7. enjajaja

Enya, or enjajaja is a teenager who first gained her social media following from Vine. Her Youtube videos followed her life as a high school student as well as displayed her love for makeup, clothes, and music. She also loves to "troll" her viewers; which is displayed in the "DIY Gucci Slides" video shown above. Enya's videos display her being unapologetically her, and also the daily life of a teenage girl.

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