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Women Unite

Voices from the Women's March on Washington

Kristen Akey

Saturday January 21, 2017 I was able to attend and participate in the historic Women’s March on Washington. An estimated 440,000 people gathered in D.C in solidarity against the new president, protesting the normalization his demeaning behavior and positions, and taking a stand against the issues he puts under threat.

While at the March, I had the chance to talk to just a few of the hundreds of thousands of women united together that day. Women came from all over the country and the world and I was curious as to why exactly these women came all the way to D.C to march. Why were they marching? What were they marching for? How were they feeling in that moment?

I had women write down their responses and here are some of the entries I received:

I’m marching for equality. I’m marching to express my love of democracy and freedom - to represent those whose voices are not heard.

Marching for my mom and sis and strong women everywhere! I want equal rights for everyone! This march is overwhelmingly awesome and I’m beyond thrilled to participate!

I march for everyone! So proud to be here!

Marching for my daughters- for the next generation of strong, badass women!

To preserve the legacy of past generations of women

To fight for the rights of future girls

“Keep Your Tiny Hands Off” - I’m marching for the rights and respect of women, the environment, immigrants, LGBTQ, and etc.

To put my beliefs in action. I’ve stayed quiet too long. I’m sorry I’m late - but I’m here now and ready to work!

I’m here to help spark change so my two young daughters can focus on other things when they grow up.

I am here because I am tired of the struggles that continue to keep the world at odds with each other!

I am here because I am horrified that people did not find his racism/sexism/xenophobia to be disqualifying.

I am here because I want my daughters to feel safe and secure and loved not just in their home but in the world.

I march because women’s rights are human rights. Our children need us to be active now, because solidarity means I care about others.

I’m here to stop the normalizing of a Christian-based patriarchy in the U.S!

I am so proud to be here. I can't believe I have to be here. The people united will never be defeated

I’m marching for ALL women, repro health, and all marginalized groups whose lives are in danger under “President Trump.” We drove 9 ½ hours from Oxford, Ohio to be here in solidarity with all the powerful people. Down with the patriarchy!

Together we can become the change

We need to preserve, protect and defend our lands, people and Democracy.

I came for the positive energy and hope that together we can remember and work for what is important

I came to fight for women’s rights and their freedom

There are too many problems to name them all here (with this presidency), but it all comes down to wanting America to be a place where everyone’s civil rights are guaranteed!

We are really worried about Trump undoing everything Obama has accomplished. He doesn’t tell the truth and he tweets

I worry most of all about the earth's health

Marching for my brother, serving in the army,

for my Grandparents, interned in camps during WWII.

for the kids I teach

for my mom, next to me.

I want my country back. I am prepared to do some action on a daily and weekly basis to save our civil and human rights.

For women everywhere!

Because I will not tolerate racism

Coming here was an immediate and automatic reaction to my disappointment in the outcome of the election. NOT only because I’m a woman but because I hope something bigger will come out of this

bigger = better for all

I am here to peacefully protest just about everything that Trump represents.

I am here to stand firm on the foundation our mothers and grandmothers created, and to ensure we all move forward with equality and inclusiveness

I am here from Michigan because I cannot be silent as our rights are taken away systematically. I am in this for my 2 daughters to protect their rights.

I am here because as a mother, of boys, I feel I need to set the example of having a voice. Standing up for what you believe in is right, and women have right to be listened to and fight!

Our family is here because our boys need to know that standing up for one's rights is important! There is power in numbers hopefully they see that!

I am here because I believe in equal rights for all. We will not go back. I have a trans child. I want my child to live in a world that welcomes him and allows him to live as freely as I do.

As a woman and human I’m here to support and literally stand for those who are already oppressed or afraid. I’m here because I’m afraid but hopeful and wanted to be surrounded by people who are from different places but love and support each other. As a mother, single mother, a clinical psychologist and privileged white lady I have to share my privilege to protect my son, my dear clients and all those who don’t have privilege. My privilege has been silence and waiting - no more.

We are marching for gender equality, to smash the patriarchy and to make sure Trump knows we are watching his every move. We will not be silenced!

I am marching for women's rights. I am marching because women rights are human rights.

I am Australian by birth, but now a US citizen. America is proud of it’s history as the birthplace of modern democracy and its role in spreading it around the world, and displacing tyranny and fascism. It’s a glorious history. But the darker stain is it’s inability to really reconcile the terrible treatment of blacks and the ongoing attempts to disenfranchise blacks, the poor and other minorities through the erosion of voter rights. This must be fought against VIGOROUSLY! THe environment, women’s rights etc will be harder to obtain if we cannot elect decent people into office if the roles of many are not allowed to count.

I’m here because I believe in this country and especially in women. I lived through the “revolution” of the 60s and watched the power of the people. Everything is threatened now- the future of the planet and our democracy. It is worth fighting to save.

I’m here because I believe in a city and country that respects and values everyone. Our diversity is beautiful and people with privilege are at their best when they extend a hand to others.

I am here to fight for my daughter’s future.

I am here because I live in a very red state (S.C.) and I want to represent the proud progressives who live in S.C.

I ama white, heterosexuaal, middle classs woman who was so lucky to have every advantage America has to offer. I am here marching for everyone else and our children. All the way from Alabama

I’m a 63 year-old- white woman living in Houston, TX. I’ve never marched or demonstrated before, but when someone threatens the rights my country stands for ard promotes hate, it’s time for me to speak out.

Even though I personally don’t often face discrimination in my life, I know so many people who are. I loss a friendship, a close friendship, because at the time, I didn’t recognize that people deserve support no matter their views or attractions or identities. I hope that I never make someone as uncomfortable and unwelcome as I made that person, and that everyone can find hope, love, and a home no matter their walk of life.

I am marching because silence = complicity. I am marching for all of us.

I am marching for equal rights for ALL- health care for ALL- and for the right of ALL women to have the right to make decisions relating to their bodies.

I am present and marching for women’s rights, all rights, my daughters; my grandchildren and in solidarity for justice, hope and change

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