I Interviewed Two Women Who Own Small Businesses, And You NEED To Shop From Them This Holiday Season
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I Interviewed Two Women Who Own Small Businesses, And You NEED To Shop From Them This Holiday Season

These empowering small business shops need to be on your wish list!

I Interviewed Two Women Who Own Small Businesses, And You NEED To Shop From Them This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, there is the inevitable realization that you'll be purchasing a lot of gifts in the next month. However, what you may not be thinking of is how your shopping decisions can affect lives, particularly in the time of a global pandemic! I had to share two small businesses that I will be purchasing from this holiday season, and you should definitely check out as well.

I was able to interview both of these ladies for you all so you could learn more about their companies and why you should be shopping small with them this holiday season. Both of these small businesses are owned by women currently in school, so here's some more about these boss babes.

1. Oxford Made

Owner: The founder, Kaxandra Novales, started this lil' business in her dorm room freshman year at Miami University in Oxford, OH, hence the name "Oxford Made."

How long has Oxford Made been around?

"Oxford Made was started around January 2018, however, I like to celebrate our birthday in April 2018 because that's when it started getting more official and when it started taking off on Instagram!"

How does shopping small impact your life?

"Shopping small is very important to me, and choosing to do so impacts me a lot. I support other small businesses because I know how much it impacts my life when someone chooses to shop with OM. It also gets people to shop less and shop better which is great for the environment!

When someone chooses to shop small with me, it improves my quality of living (groceries, rent, electricity, car insurance, etc.) and helps my dream biz continue growing!"

What is your personal favorite product right now?
Celestial labradorite dangles

Celestial Labradorite Dangles on Oxford Made PageOxford Made

2. Urban Luxe

Owner: Sophia Blasi
How long has Urban Luxe been around?
"Urban Luxe has been around since January 2020!"
How does shopping small affect your life?
"Shopping small impacts my life because it means so much more than just supporting a multi-million corporation."
What is your favorite product right now?
"My personal favorite right now is the not your boyfriend puffer."

These ladies are phenomenal entrepreneurs that I know I will be shopping from this holiday season, and after this article, I'm sure you will be too!

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