As I sit back and reflect on the past year I've found a common thread; incredible female friendships. I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing women who work hard and love well. This is my mass thank you note to you ladies!

1. Momma

Thank you for letting me call you multiple times a day just to tell you the silliest stuff in the world. Thank you for the best advice, constant empathy, and your cute bitmojis. I love you so much and I'm more aware now than ever that you are always right.

2. My Diamond Big

Biggie! Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader and the realest always. You're the coolest of all time and I can't wait to watch you rule the world one day.

3. Roomie

ILY IHY. I'm so so thankful for you. I'm sorry that I'm always emotional and make the dumbest jokes in the world. Thank you for putting up with me for months and months with no complaints. Love you forever and can't wait to work in the same courtroom one day. Remember that some people are Creeds when you want them to be a Jim and that's okay!

4. The Jim To My Dwight

You are the friend I never thought I would have. You love so well and are the coolest dork. I'm excited to get back to school just to drive around town listening to you rap every song perfectly while sipping a Large Diet Coke. What a blessing you are, sweet girl! Get those summer classes done so we can get back to our nonsense.

5. The Janet To My Chidi

You're my beautiful, witty, geoscience loving, allergic to the world friend and MAN are you the coolest person ever. You live life out loud and are the most fun person in the universe. I cannot even wait to be roommates next year and watch all the TV together cause you're the only one that will watch all my obscure shows with me.

6. Hometown Best Friend

You're the OG and I love you now more than ever. We've lived through a lot together and even though you were two hours away at all times this year, I could feel your support constantly. We have the highest snapchat score I've ever seen and you already know all the stories I am always trying to explain to everyone at school. Now I'm home for the next three months and we are gonna have a blast!

7. My Food Run Partner

You're the go-to when I needed some unlimited pancakes or deep meaningful conversation over Sonic tater tots. You are so caring and genuine and I can not believe I get to call you my sister. Keep dancing like crazy and living spontaneously cause we get to live in the SAME HOUSE next year.