Don't Let Society Tell You How To Be The Perfect Woman
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Don't Let Society Tell You How To Be The Perfect Woman

Don't settle for less, strive for the best.

Don't Let Society Tell You How To Be The Perfect Woman

Everyone was raised in different families, with different backgrounds, and different cultures. But the mindset of society applies to all cultures and ethnicities. Some were raised with similar values and beliefs, while others figured it out along the way by adjusting to their surroundings – to society. But who gave us different expectations to how our future should look like? In honor of Women’s History Month, we need to change the way society moves us and learn to walk on our own, experience things, live life, and prove people wrong.

It is an old Hispanic saying that once you know how to make rice, you’re ready to get married. Because rice is the trickiest to make. But that automatically gives younger girls the idea that the ultimate goal in life is to get married. That gives them motivation to get married. Why can’t it be like, once you graduate school you’re ready to become an independent working woman? Women aren’t only needed around in the kitchen – why must society divide our gender roles as if we, as women, need a man to complete our lives?

There’s nothing wrong with getting married, having a family, and being in love. But there are more things that life has to offer. Why must we limit ourselves, our daughters, and children to what society says is enough?

Younger girls are usually being bullied by boys their age, laughing at them because they run “like a girl.” The Always commercials say that we do things like girls. Newsflash – we are girls. It is scientifically proven that boys do have more muscle than girls and therefore will be stronger at a young age. Why should that be an insult? That’s nature. Since when is doing things like a girl degrading and weak, when men are always described as strong and powerful. We can be strong too; we can be powerful too. We aren’t weak. Yes, we’re girls, and we can be just as strong as men. We can do anything we wish, as long as we truly desire it and work for it.

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Not all girls wish to be supermodels, nurses, or something “girlie.” Some girls strive for just the opposite. Girls like video games, sports, cars, or any type of “masculine” activity or career, but as they grow up, they’re automatically characterized as “easy.” How is that fair? Women can do everything men can do. And vice versa.

We’ve all heard this at least once in our lifetimes: You’re in your late 20s or early 30s already and no kids. Why is that bad? Only because there are people your age with families doesn’t mean you should do the same. You will have kids when you want to and when you are ready, not when someone is telling you to, or pressuring you to. Enjoy your time to yourself – once you do have kids, everything will be about them. Be independent, be with yourself, travel, have fun, take risks, and don’t settle because your time is running out. It isn’t. It’ll happen when it does; don’t rush things.

Society and people surrounding us always make us believe we aren’t the perfect version of ourselves, making us believe that we are ugly because we are overweight or don’t have the best of clothes. But why do we all have to be curvy and tan while men are not judged while being whatever they choose to be? Of course, we have to be healthy, but we are not all going to look like supermodels. That is just nonsense. If you are healthy and happy with the way you look, why should that be a bad thing? We are not all flawless, we have imperfections. Don’t hide is behind makeup or expensive clothing, be proud of who you are, embrace the awesomeness. Be your best self.

As we grew up, we were taught different things, even how to socialize or act in society. But why settle for what society tells you is good for you. Instead of having “relationship goals,” why can’t we have “career goals?” Women are not only for having babies, cooking, and cleaning. We can work, too; we can be businesswomen, too; and we are strong, independent women. Don’t let society define who you are as a woman. You are whoever you want to be.

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