Women, You Are Allowed To Be Bold
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Politics and Activism

Women, It Is Alright To Be Bold

Feminism is a buzzword, it is time we talk about being bold.

Women, It Is Alright To Be Bold

Alright, this topic gets me fired up.

All I have written is the headline and I am already heated, so I am going to take a second and breathe and then revisit this screen.


Well. Here we go.

Please read this knowing that I am by no means a pro at being bold. Read this knowing that while we are talking about women and the word feminist will appear, it probably isn't feminism as you have seen it. Know that I am in progress, just like the rest of us.

I believe that women are strong. I believe that women deserve rights. I believe that women have come a LONG way. I believe that women can be in the workforce. I believe that women should be bold.

These are all thoughts that I am willing to bet that anyone who would identify as a feminist would say as well.

The reason we are addressing feminism at all while discussing this topic is that many of us associate being bold with being a modern-day feminist.

On the other hand, I do think that when we hear the word "feminist" it has become a word that means that we stand and say that we are pro-choice. I think that this has turned into a phrase that means that we stand on the corner and publicly express our feelings about the president of the United States.

Personally, those are not things that I would say are "me."

I would not say that this is the type of bold I am referring to!

However, by being a woman, you should know your worth.

You must know that as a woman, you can do big things.

You should be able to speak to men and tell them how you feel.

Lately, it appears that there is a negative connotation attached to the idea of men leading.

Ladies, we don't need to ignore men completely based on a desire to show that we as women are strong.

We can coexist.

Alright, so what does it actually mean to be bold as a women?

Well, women, we can encourage the ladies around us.

Furthermore, we can be real about where we are at in relationships.

We can walk in confidence, knowing that our worth is not based on negative things that have been said about us.

We can most definitely grow and learn.

Bold women ARE doing huge things in this world.

Christine Caine founded a nonprofit that rescues women from human trafficking.

Malala Yousafzai started a movement for education for women ALL over the world.

These are women that I would say, and I hope you would agree, are changing the world in a positive way.

They aren't necessarily seen raising signs with slurs against men. They aren't holding signs that would be rated R if they were a movie.

They are making a change. They are humbly helping women and encouraging them.

Being bold is OK.

We can and will encourage women with our actions.

This article is not meant to get you fuming. This article is meant to get you thinking.

If you are a man, are you encouraging women? Are you seeing them for what they are worth?

If you are a woman, how are you standing up and demonstrating what you are worth? Is this done driven by love or driven by hate?

There are many, many conversations out there about being a bold woman in 2018. There are many twists and turns to this topic. This is not a supposed to stir the pot. This is to get you thinking about being kind, loving, bold, and uplifting to women everywhere.

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