Women In Science: Historically Breaking The Mold
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Women In Science: Historically Breaking The Mold

5 Reasons You Should See Hidden Figures

Women In Science: Historically Breaking The Mold

With the start of each new year comes the line-up for that year's newest blockbusters! Most often Disney and Marvel will rule the charts because they are well-known companies and everyone loves a princess or a superhero kicking butt. But what about the movies that are little less common but carry messages that will last long after the end credits.

Hidden Figures is a new film to hit the theaters, in which the audience is exposed to the true story of three African-American women who broke gender and racial norms in a time where neither had been attempted. Thus, here are some reasons why I think everyone should see Hidden Figures and/or read the inspiring book.

1. Octavia Spencer

Spencer is at it again with another award-winning role that showcases her acting chops as she brings her character to life. Spencer's role as Dorothy Vaughn is not only jaw-dropping but awe-inspiring. Octavia Spencer was fantastic in The Help and does another fantastic job in Hidden Figures.

2. The Storyline

Hidden Figures follows the lives of three women who work at NASA in a time of civil unrest, political chaos and the space race. Hidden Figures looks at each woman and their capabilities as they shaped the United States's NASA program into the greatness that it achieved. Plus let's not forget the sass and clever one-liners that help aid in the comedic tone of an otherwise serious movie!

3. Taraji P. Henson

Henson portrays leading lady Katherine G. Johnson and it is her portrayal that makes the movie relatable and intriguing. I felt like I was watching history unfold and that is amazing. Henson was marvelous and had an award-winning performance.

4. The Message

Hidden Figures highlights the fact that despite the time in history women could do anything they wanted as long as they were committed, dedicated and hard-working. But this film also shows that it takes guts to stand up to those who may want to see you fail on the basis of your skin tone or gender. Hidden Figures relays a message that sometimes we all need to hear.

5. Its Rating

Hidden Figures received 7.8 out of 10 stars on IMDB; the highest of most movies and that should be reason enough to see this movie, especially while you wait for the next Disney or Marvel release.

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