Tips for Traveling Alone as a Woman
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Tips for Traveling Alone as a Woman

Traveling alone, especially as a woman, is quite daunting. Here's my story and what I learned from my experience.

Tips for Traveling Alone as a Woman
Carly Baumgarter

Travel without regrets. Traveling by myself wasn't something I'd been interested in, but at eighteen, I decided to do just that. While my greatest fear was getting lost or stolen, being independent and exploring something on my own was an extremely rewarding experience. Traveling alone isn't easy but traveling alone as a woman can be even more difficult. When I arrived back home, I sat down and wrote some of the best things to do, and not to do, while traveling alone, based on the situations I had experienced.

Traveling alone is one of the most freeing things that anyone could ever do in their lifetime. Looking back, I am certainly grateful that I had the means necessary in order to embark on my unique journey. There are many things that should and should not be done when traveling on one's own, but here I have highlighted the best and worst things to do when traveling independently.

The most important rule to remember while on a solo journey is to constantly be aware of the surrounding activity. Even a small misstep or mistake can have its ramifications. Being cautious is imperative, especially in situations like this. In order to maintain safety, avoid, at all costs, giving out personal information. Giving out personal details is unnecessary unless that information is required at certain points in your travels.

Remain aware of your surroundings. Be careful about who you talk to and the amount of information you share. Be aware of where you're going, as well, to ensure that you won't end up somewhere you don't want to be. Safety is the priority while traveling, so being aware of your surroundings comes first. Having a successful trip is always the goal of any traveler, and executing the necessary steps to remain safe is crucial for a safe and enjoyable trip.

Second, ask for help. Traveling alone isn't easy, but you can't be afraid to ask questions if you're in an unfamiliar place. Getting lost in a foreign place presents many problems, so you can't be afraid of asking locals for help. be on the lookout for maps, often found in subway stations, airports, parks, and other similar locations.

Third, make sure that you travel in comfortable clothes. Whether you are going on an airplane, a train, or any other mode of transportation, make sure that you are not wearing any restrictive or exposing clothing. A fancy cocktail dress or a crop top may seem appealing, but they are definitely not idea for traveling because the entire time you're on your way, you'll be adjusting or may even be exposed to otherwise avoidable germs. For me, jeans aren't an option because, with longer flights, they aren't the most comfortable article of clothing to sit in for hours on end. Another thing to keep in mind is that your outfit needs to be practical for going to the bathroom, through security, or walking for a long time. For example, if you are going to need to walk a long distance, heels are not recommended.

When traveling alone, you can't panic. Flights get delayed and bags get lost, but launching into a frenzy won't improve your situation. You are most vulnerable when you are alone, so staying focused is necessary.

Next, don't be afraid to ask for help. As previously mentioned, asking for help while alone and in an unfamiliar place is critical for your safety, and is key to an enjoyable vacation. Public service attendants and locals are knowledgeable of the area, and perfect when you are confused or unsure.

Since you are traveling alone, don't leave any of your possessions unattended. While waiting in line, keep your bag in front of you. While in the bathroom, take your bags along with you. Letting your guard down is unwise, so, at all times, you must be in control of everything around you.

Lastly, don't go into your trip unprepared. Print off a map and become acquainted with your destination. Make sure that you call your credit card company so your credit card can be used when you arrive at your destination during your trip without any problems. Also, bring every form of identification that you will need during your trip – a passport, driver's license, and tickets.

Traveling alone was a new and terrifying experience for me, but constantly remaining aware of my surroundings and coming prepared allowed me to have the trip of a lifetime. Don't panic, stay relaxed, and ask for help as needed. Always remember to have the tools you need, and your trip will proceed smoothly.

Safe travels!

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