Why I Write for Odyssey

I love writing for Odyssey. It gives me a creative outlet to let me express myself. If you ask my parents, they'll tell you that I am much better at expressing myself when I write rather than when I speak. It allows me to get all of my thoughts down at once without any interruptions or external conversations. When I need to state something I need or want, but am hesitant to ask for it, I write it down.

Writing for The Odyssey allows me write whatever I want and have it published to literally the entire world. I work alongside many of my classmates and peers. We are able to physically meet on campus every once in a while and talk about any updates or difficulties we are having. I also get to compliment and be complimented by my peers face to face.

Writing is the way I decompress from a day or a week. I can write about something that has been bothering me or make up a story with different characters and plots. It's more entertaining than watching TV or any other type of media.

While writing for The Odyssey, I have connected more or reconnected with family and friends. I get to hear feedback from them about what I've written. The Odyssey allows my family and friends across the country to read what I've written and/or thought about.

I also enjoy getting to read other Odyssey articles about how college students relate to characters in Friends or The Office. They are so entertaining for me and also give me ideas for future articles, so thanks fellow Odyssey articles!

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