Hailing from the mountains of Provo, Utah, Wired For Havoc's debut album "Roll With The Punches" graced audiences with a nostalgic punch of punk rock that everybody's been waiting for all these years. On Oct. 14th, this new-wave rhythmic band (with an extra kick of alternative) launched their full-length liberation off Manic Kat Records. So if you are tired of the same old music, this record is the CURE for that. The fusion of melodic cadence and colossal riffs brought me back to a sense of simplicity when all in all, the existence of music was favorable to say the least.

So I salute this band and their kick-off debut, "Roll With The Punches." I also urge you to check out their video, "Vagabond," a single off the newly released LP.

Pay homage to authentic music and preview the rest of the album on iTunes.

Want more Wired For Havoc? Check out their music channel now streaming on Pandora Radio. I also cannot stress enough that you can purchase "Roll With The Punches" through Manic Kat Records. While you're still scrolling, be sure to check out the rest of the shop as well. You might even walk away coupled with a rad t-shirt.

Enjoy and rock on! You can thank me later.