Winter's Painting: Poetry On The Odyssey
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Winter's Painting: Poetry On The Odyssey

Winter was feeling a little dull without a snowfall and a poem to celebrate it, so here we go!

Winter's Painting: Poetry On The Odyssey
Skylar Blackman

February is almost coming to an end and I've been living through a whole winter season without any snow. I was beginning to wonder if snow would ever show up in my new home and it finally did the other night. It's not much compared to what I'm used to where I used to live but it's still equally as beautiful and never fails to inspire me. I wrote this simple poem to appreciate it and I hope you'll all enjoy it as well and maybe even get out there in the snow before it leaves us again.

Winter's Painting

Look out beyond,

the world glitters with the presence

of snow that spawned

from the unknown to spark the utmost pleasance.

A shiver is breathed all around,

trickling up and down my spine

and the world is empty. No one to be found.

At once I can fly, for the world is now mine.

Slight dustings still come down,

dancing in the street lights,

like a baker adorning a cake with a sugary crown.

May you never turn around, for fear of missing the sweet delights.

It decorates our eyelashes, our hair

as we prance outside as if we were still children

without a care and as if no one was there.

With no effort, we found our haven.

I often wonder why we search so hard for joy

when it's right there in front of our eyes,

waiting for us to realize it's not a ploy,

but rather the sweetest prize.

Open your eyes and take in

every sweet wonder in front of you

with your wildest grin.

Honey, it's long overdue.

What are you waiting for?

The wonderland is waiting

so get out there and explore

what nature's artist has been creating.

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