The Good Winter Poems

The Good Winter Poems

Bon Hiver & The Quiet--The Resound

Bon Hiver

Heavy blanket over the Hills,

Heavy blanket over my Heart,

Heaving the burden in my Head,

Heaps on Heaps.

Piles on Piles,

Pondered on the beauty.

Pouring from the heavens,

That of God’s

That belongs to Her

Therefor I—

Threw it all down.

Gambled all the love

In a of Game of Giving up

Stacks over my head,

Stacks a mile high,

Lost it all in one night.

Foresaw in a prophesy of mine,

I was destined for this time.

Yet, You say,

“A season for everything”

“A season for everything”

Clears up the picture

Clears the tear

Clears up every fear

Yet, I’ll still ask,

“When will spring come?”

The Quiet—The Resound

Forgive me, forever,

For I am filled with flaws.


Jump for joy at my birth,

Justify me with redemption.


Sin is silenced,

Salvation screams.

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