The Best Color Schemes For a Winter Wedding
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8 Winter Wedding Color Schemes That Will Make You Immediately Want To Tie The Knot Under A Snowy Night Sky

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8 Winter Wedding Color Schemes That Will Make You Immediately Want To Tie The Knot Under A Snowy Night Sky

If you're anything like me, you've been dreaming of and planning your wedding since you were a little girl. And we all know that with a wedding, a huge part of the plan is the color scheme.

For all the wedding nerds out there, these gorgeous winter wedding color schemes are sure to take your breath away as we start to transition into the colder months.

1. Reds on reds

Although red looks good in any season, it's a great color to play with in the chilly winter months. The drama of red, whether it's bright like Christmas, dark like your glass of cabernet sauvignon, or a combination of shades, is the perfect way to contrast and complement the pretty white you'll be dressed in. Live in a snowy state? Even better.

2. White, gold and sparkly

This is perfect for a winter wedding, especially around the new year! Brighten the season with a simple but SPARKLY palette. You and your whole bridal gang will be feeling glamorous—not to mention the endless possibilities with reception décor!

3. Mocha, blush and sand 

If you're a fan of neutrals, this one's for you.

4. Charcoal and ivory

Simple, elegant, classy. Charcoal, already being a great color in and of itself, looks beautiful with an off-white. Perfect for the bride who doesn't want to be in a snow-white dress but still keep that bridal feel.

5. Deep blues and purples

Add some color personality to your special day with a color palette like this—a dark, navy blue paired with a mesmerizing fuchsia looks beautiful on your entire wedding party, while making you and your S.O. stand out like nothing else.

6. Pine green with pinks/reds

This color scheme is so unique, while still managing to be colorful and classy at the same time.

7. Taupe, rose and navy

I, personally, think this color scheme could fit well in any season, but something about the simplicity of it and sweetness of the colors is picturesque in a chilly winter setting.

8. Pale blue with greenery

A pale blue is a beautiful color to play up in the wintery months—complemented with some greenery and white, whether in your bouquet or at the reception, it's a timeless combination.

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