Your Go-To Winter Playlist
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Your Go-To Winter Playlist

Plug in your headphones and warm up to these tunes.

Your Go-To Winter Playlist
Margaret Geist

After a month or two of winter, you may find yourself craving warmer weather. Instead of gazing at old vacation photos or googling the nearest beaches, try this instead: check out this playlist of songs to warm you up during the cold months. This is your go-to winter playlist to listen to while doing homework or hanging with friends or just enjoying a good book.

1. Littlest Things - Lily Allen

A perfect start to this playlist, Allen’s bittersweet song makes a great addition to any day spent baking cookies or drinking some cocoa. The slow crooning of her voice and the soft piano combine for a cute and welcoming melody.

2. You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me - John Mayer

What’s a playlist without some John Mayer? His latest release is full of great songs, and this track, in particular, captures a melancholy winter vibe while also bringing the calm associated with a snowy day.

3. Lost in My Mind - The Head and the Heart

This song can accompany a night of star-gazing or a bonfire with friends. The simple guitar strumming and the even more basic piano accompaniment allow this infectious track to relax any listener.

4. Animals - Coast Modern

This song is a pop of color during the gray windy days. Symbolizing the coming of summer and spring, “Animals” is a fun party song with catchy lyrics.

5. Lover Come Back - City and Colour

Another mellow acoustic song, “Lover Come Back” is the ideal background track for a day spent reading on the couch or any chill winter evening. A soft and slow track, this song is sure to soothe what ails you, much like the audio version of a cup of tea.

6. Exploration No. 5 - Reese Lansangan

Picture this song as another warm dose during the seemingly endless winter. Use this song to wake up to and make pancakes to and dance around with your friends. The beachy vibe combines with her sweet soothing voice for a perfect winter to spring song.

7. Cali - Kid Indigo

This tune is a perfect mix of chill vibes and warmth to combat the winter blues that may creep in. The familiar guitar and the charming lyrics make this song a perfect hopeful song to listen to while looking forward to the warm months.

8. Hours Outside in the Snow - Modern Baseball

The lyrics of this song clearly mark it as a strong choice for this playlist, but the overall pacing makes it a great fit too. The angry background music and the gravelly intonation of the singer's voice make for a wonderful track for the cold days.

9. Winter Winds - Mumford and Sons

Another aptly named song on this playlist, "Winter Winds" provides a folksy spin on that wintry mood. The typical style of Mumford and Sons' music is apparent here, with low-key lyrics and a lulling beat ultimately setting the scene for a cold day on the prairie.

10. City of Stars - Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

Arguably the most successful film of this winter, "La La Land" boasts a fantastic soundtrack in addition to its critical acclaim. This tune combines the voices of the lead actors in a sweet love song with adorable lyrics and a simplistic melody.

11. The Universe We Dreamt - Matt DiMona


A more alternative addition to the playlist, this track comes with a funky vibe. Still following a cool vibe of stark and wintry music, this song also adds a little spice to the eggnog.

12. Hold On, We're Going Home - Pia Mia

Another more alternative addition to the playlist, Pia Mia's cover of Drake's hit song adds a more feminine twist. Her sweet voice adds mystery and intrigue and transfers the song into a more January mood, as opposed to the original track's more July feel.

13. Valley Winter Song - Fountains of Wayne

"Valley Winter Song" is a track that most accurately sums up the feelings of winter. This song has hopeful lyrics, a soft backing beat and a general theme of melancholy. No winter playlist is complete without this phenomenal track.

14. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Another upbeat addition to the playlist is Ed Sheeran's latest single. Sheeran is famous for his lyrics, and this song is no exception. "Shape of You" sets a darker mood with an electronic funky chorus perfect for an evening out.

15. Change - J. Cole

Finally, J. Cole's latest venture has countless smooth songs for a winter's night relaxing and unwinding. "Change" is a vital addition to any chill session due to its positive message and creative instrumental.

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