Winter is the time of the year where it goes from cool to cold and you despise walking out of the warm house. Although it can be very pretty during snowfalls with the trees covered in white and the children building snowmen and playing outside, and even watching your animals play in it. Sometimes snow means that the kids get to stay home from school. Children also get excited because that means that Santa is coming soon. Unfortunately, snow can be a horrible thing as well, especially when road conditions are bad.

Remember the days when you were a kid and all you thought about was playing in the snow, building snowmen, having snowball fights, and drinking hot chocolate? Those were definitely the good times. Everyone’s favorite was definitely the hot chocolate part. All those cold hands and faces needed to be warm, and drinking hot chocolate definitely warmed the heart and tummy as well. Who didn’t like doing this as a child?

Now, you have become a teenager and that stuff just doesn’t appeal to you as much as when you were a kid. Snowball fights and hot chocolate are still going strong, right? Maybe a snowman or two. All teenagers, who are of age, wanted to drive. Yes, it is great to drive in spring, summer, and fall because you don’t typically have to worry about snow. But what about winter when there are icy patches you can’t see, or the tires on the car are bad. Well, it may be the time to get those tires fixed so you have better traction. You always have to remember to be careful during winter and the roads aren’t clear (even if they are, still be careful).

Congratulations! Welcome to the adult life. It is such a blessing, that means freedom, right? Well, not exactly. You have bills that need paid, a job that you can’t afford to quit because it gives you some income so you can pay your bills, and if you go to college, that means a loan. So you are already in debt. Fantastic, isn’t it? Yet again, welcome to the adult life. The roads are icy and snow covered and you have to be at work so you can pay your bills on time. Definitely the everyday struggles of life. Off to work you go. Slowly down the road, taking turns softly and accelerating and braking easily can get you to work safely. Sometimes, it is necessary to call off because of weather conditions, but you can’t call off the entire winter. Driving slowly and ensuring safety is definitely a great choice. Is it always safe even in bad conditions? No. Sometimes you can’t control it. It happens, just one of the things that could go wrong.

Winter is definitely a love-hate relationship with me. Sometimes I love it because it is great for lovely pictures. Other times, I fully hate it because of bad roads and car accidents. It all depends on the day. This time of the year, mother nature absolutely has some of her worst mood swings. All we can do is try to be as careful as possible!