Sure staying inside, cozying up with your significant other binge watching Netflix series may seem alluring after your tough semester, but don't let the cold put a freeze on the fun of your date nights!

1. Ice Skating, Tubing, or Skiing.

Ice skating is a good choice if one of you can skate and other cannot. Why? Because you can be one of those cute couples holding hands helping one another like Jim and Pam!

2. Take a mini vacation.

If you can afford it, take a few days to go some place warm. If that's not in your budget, take a weekend to explore a city not too far away. Suggestion if you're in New York, Lake Placid is a cutesy small town with plenty of stories. Still too far? Book a night or two at a nearby hotel! Just make sure there's a hot tub first!

3. Plan a series of coffee dates to small cafés in your area that you usually overlook.

Don't like coffee? There's always hot chocolate! You can either enjoy small talk or you can both bring a book to catch up on because really, when is the last time you read for personal enjoyment?

4. Build a snowman or snow woman then end with a snowball fight.

Set your hatred for the cold aside, put on your snow pants, and get outside. Let your inner child loose!

5. Winter Wonderland photo shoot.

No money for a professional? No big deal! Borrow a tripod or quickly make your own for your couples photo shoot. Prop ideas: plaid scarves, blankets, mugs, and string lights.

6. Paint with a Twist.

If you're 21 or older, find a Paint with a Twist class near you! Some instructors travel city-to-city for classes and others have studios to hold group classes. You get to drink while painting! The instructor provides step-by-step details so you are sure to make a beautiful painting!

7. Museums and other indoor adventures.

Think aquariums, indoor botanical gardens, and indoor rope courses! Maybe even try bowling! Depending on the place, prices should be fairly low.

8. Switch it up!

Rather than heading to your local cinema to catch the new releases, try a play or musical instead!

9. Pitch a tent - indoors!

No tent? No problem! Make a fort out of sheets, chairs, string, command hooks, whatever! Finish the fort with string lights, movies, hot chocolate, and plenty of snacks!