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Being "productive" may not be the first thing that comes to mind while taking a well-deserved break from classes, studying, and exams. But, why not take this time to do something that makes you feel accomplished? I like to take this time and use it to get things done since I don't feel the pressure of school upon me. I know that if I take some of my workloads off now, the next semester will feel a bit less stressful (hopefully!).

Whether it's taking next semester's notes, taking a winter class, or simply reading a book that I have been meaning to finish all year; all of those things will make me feel like I am using my break a little bit more wisely and I see the positive effects of my preparations in my new classes. Two to three weeks of break may not sound like enough time to accomplish a goal, but trust me; a lot can actually get done in that short amount of time! I know not everyone is going to be eager to study for next semester, but being productive isn't only exclusive to academics!

Going to the gym, hanging out with old friends, creating art, getting a part-time job, volunteering are all really good ways to keep ourselves busy! The new year is going to bring on a whole new set of challenges, so why not finish off 2018 on a strong note? In between the long naps you will probably have this upcoming break, here are 5 things you can try doing to make your time away from school a little more productive.

1. Prepare for your Most Challenging Class

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While this sounds like the most unappealing thing to do, you will NOT regret it. Use this time to review material that will come up in your most difficult class in the next semester. One of my favorite things to do, if I am unable to see the class notes ahead of time, I watch Khan Academy videos! Even if you review for 10 minutes a day, you will see the positive effects of your studying!

2. Read a Book!

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Reading is one of my favorite hobbies! A book and a cup of coffee are all I need to have a good day. If you enjoy reading, too, I know there must be at least one book that you have been wanting to read but wasn't able to due to your crazy school schedule. Make a day out of it! Go to your local library and check out an interesting book!

3. Fulfill a Holiday Tradition

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Wether you have a tradition of going to see Christmas lights, making a family dinner, going to church, or simply making time to spend with friends and family, go do it! Nothing is better than spending time with those you love and creating new memories to look back at!

4. Take a Winter Class

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Again, not appealing to most but this can be really beneficial! If you don't really have plans for the break, taking a winter class is a really good way to get ahead and can be a great GPA booster! And, if it's online, you can do it in the comfort of your own bed! However, if you are too mentally exhausted from the past semester, give your head a rest!

5. Volunteer

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Tis the season of giving! Volunteering in your local community is a great way to give back to those in need. The best thing to do during the holidays is to spread joy to those who may not be able to celebrate the holidays like us. Putting a smile on their face will be one of the best gifts you could receive this holiday!

Whether you decide to take the entire break to just chill (which is perfectly fine and you deserve it!) or if you chose to do even one of these things on the list, I hope you have a wonderful break regardless! I love the holidays because not only am I able to be around friends and family that I have not seen for a while, but it gives me the chance to get ready for the new year! What better way to start the new year than feeling accomplished for something you did in the last? Even if that accomplishment was getting a full 8 hours of sleep, which is what most college kids need anyways!

And don't get me wrong, I will definitely be relaxing, but I am also going to do my best to prepare myself for this year to come because it's going to be a busy one! Speaking from experience, studying for the next semester, even if it's only for one class, has helped me a lot. I see the positive results each time and it enthuses me to continue that routine in between each semester. Try to take this time to relieve some of the stress that you might endure when you go back to school and have yourself mentally prepared to take on the semester that lies ahead! Stay productive and I hope everyone has an amazing break!

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