Ramadan Reflections

Ramadan 2019 was a jump into a new world for me. It was the first time spending the holy month of fasting away from family, where waking up on time to eat and make my own iftar (or the meal you eat to break the fast).

To be honest, it was a struggle. Juggling my job, my prayers, my meals all on my own with no practice and all for the first time was difficult. I had a hard time with managing my time, eating enough, and making sure that I didn't over-exert myself. It was good practice, though. I now know what to do better next year when I have to spend the entirety of Ramadan by myself.

A big part of Ramadan is focusing on yourself and your faith, taking a break from worldly possessions, and devoting more time to worship and reflection. Usually I do well, but this year has been tough on many fronts. It didn't feel like Ramadan to me, first of all, but I believe that acknowledging how I didn't do much this year will provide enough motivation to get back on track next year.

It wasn't a bad month at all, which is a blessing. The haywire weather didn't make the days hotter or tougher to bear. There was less school to focus on as the fasting days started. It just didn't feel like I was in a month of worship this year. Hopefully next year's reflection on Ramadan will hold more in it.

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