Why Your Dog Will Always Be Your Best Friend

Why Your Dog Will Always Be Your Best Friend

Warning: May contain disturbingly cute images of puppies. View at your own discretion!


What's not to love about furry paws bouncing off the floor, while a cold schnoz meets you face-to-face to deliver plenty of "I missed you" kisses? There are plenty of reasons why your dog will always be right by your side. Once a puppy sniffs its way into your heart, there's no going back.

Why, you ask? Well, dogs are extremely selfless. They're loyal, they're kind and they're everything that people are sometimes just not. It doesn't matter what size they are, either. Whether a chihuahua or a Great Dane, dogs will protect you with their lives.

By now, the thought that never seems to leave you is floating around in your head: What did we ever do to deserve dogs?

Well, the question is simple, my friend.

We don't deserve dogs.

These little fuzzy blobs of slobber and energy find ways of making us more happy than we even realize. The cute way they wag their tails, the aww-worthy way they shake hands and even the gentle nature they behold while around small children are the reasons for our smiles. There's something so comforting about knowing how a little puppy could be so innocent and loving in such a cruel world.

Your pup is the only being who never holds a grudge against you. You leave them day after day to go to school, work or whatever it is that life has you busy with, and they never hate you for it. They miss you more than anything, of course, but anger is something that isn't, and will never be possibly held, in those big puppy dog eyes.

And that's kind of beautiful, really. That dogs hold emotions, just like you and me.

They also hold plenty of power over us.

More than likely, you can't resist your dog's begging. Every once in a while (but not too often, of course) you sneak them delicious treats. You "drop" the last third of your ice cream cone, or "spill" a couple pieces of popcorn on the rug. Usually, you've got a shadow right behind you, wagging its tail and licking its chops to happiness.

You could tell your dog all your secrets, no matter how life-altering they may be, and dogs will look at you like you couldn't be any more special. The only reward they ask for being such great listeners is that you scratch their waiting bellies.

Like we've said, dogs are special.

They'd stroll with you past the ends of the earth if they could.

Maybe your best friend has already found his or her way to Doggy Heaven. I know my girl did a couple of years ago. The emptiness of losing her is still there, too. But she will always have a special place in my heart, as I'm sure your angel does, too.

Your dog is only here for a short while, so it's up to you to make every second with your love bug count.

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