I once heard an atrocious rumor: "Watching 'Spongebob Squarepants' lowers your IQ." I do not know whether or not this rumor has any truth to it. Perhaps studies have been conducted which prove this to be true, or perhaps it is a load of hooey, as I am inclined to believe. Either way, I do not give a solitary flea flop. Because, for me, Spongebob not only enriched my sense of humor, but enriched my life as a whole and these are the reasons why your children should watch what is undoubtedly the greatest cartoon ever created for children or adults.

1. The quotes are applicable to daily life

2. Great music is woven throughout the episodes for your little musicians. "The ocean is no place for a squirrel."

3. There is a character for everyone to relate to.

4. There are great moral lessons, such as being grateful for what you have!

5. People of all ages can relate to the content.

6. If someone doesn't like Spongebob...they just shouldn't be your friend. It helps for determining who is important in your life.

7. Spongebob helps us to be optimistic.

8. For those of who aren't so bright, Patrick shows us that we can still be endearing.

9. Sandy Cheeks showed that it's possible to fit in anywhere. I mean, she's a squirrel who lives in an ocean.

10. Squidward relates to all of the pessimists/teenagers everywhere.

11. And finally, it always cheers you (me) up.