I don't think I need to tell you the obvious, but just in case, I'll remind you: Your vote counts. Every vote counts.

Despite what the good majority of the population says (which is something along the lines of: "Politics are boring! My vote doesn't matter! I don't know enough!") politics can be cool, your vote absolutely does count, and if you don't know enough, there's a really easy solution to that problem. The easy solution is: research.

Teens and young adults spend an astronomical amount of time on the internet, so why not use some of that time to do some valuable research? According to a study done by CNN, we spend almost nine hours a day online. That's something like 60+ hours a week. I'm betting we can all carve out at least 30 minutes to look up some facts on the candidates that are competing, because come November, one of them will be selected to run our country.

It doesn't matter what party you identify with, whether you're a Donald Trump fan, Bernie Sanders supporter and you're Feeling the Bern, or you like Hillary Clinton; it's important that you put your voice out there. You won't be heard if you don't try to be. You can find information on these people and their stances almost anywhere on the internet, on the news, the radio - you name it.

In the last presidential election, only about half of millennials eligible to vote actually did. That's half of 44 million millennials eligible to vote. Let's change that number this November. You are about to life your life as a real, true adult - don't let anyone else make decisions for you, especially decisions about your future. Many, many people fought for our right to vote. It doesn't matter your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, or age - your right to vote didn't come easy. Honor anyone and everyone who fought for that right by educating yourself and casting a vote. Voting is something that no one should hesitate to participate in, especially us millennials, because guess what: we are the future, and we have to begin to shape it.