Why You Should Never Take Your Loved Ones For Granted

Why You Should Never Take Your Loved Ones For Granted

Make sure you say "I love you" every chance you get.


In this day of age, a lot of things happen. These things never cross our minds until it actually happens to us.

The past 20 years has been an experience. I've been through good and bad things. I mainly think I've lived through more bad than good, but I know that's not the case.

Lately, with all the hate and violence in the country and world, I've been thinking about life, especially the people in it.

Our time on this Earth may seem excessive or lengthy, but it really isn't. It's the hard truth, and it can be scary to think about at times.

Not only should you live your best life like it was your last day, you should also hold your loved ones a little closer to you.

This may sound gushy and soft, but it's true.

You never know what is going to happen tomorrow... maybe even today.

That's the thing about life; it takes you by surprise. Your last moment could be now.

I am all about living life to the fullest, but being with your loved ones makes it more special than it really is. When you're surrounded by the people who love you, nothing else really matters.

This is why you should never take your loved ones for granted.

Drop the grudges.

Time may seem to drag, but it's going faster than you think.

People tend to take many things for granted. After all, we're human. But we also tend to forget how important everything is.

We must cherish the possessions we do have and love the ones who are near and dear to us. There are others less fortunate.

Life throws curveballs. Some are misfired, and some hit us right in the face unexpectedly.

A cancer diagnosis.

A tragic accident.

A hospital trip.

A fight.

A hug.

A kiss.

All of these things can mean the world to someone, but the people with it mean more.

Your parents, your grandparents, your relatives, your siblings. Your significant other, your friends.

They are all important to you; at least, I would hope they are. They could be gone tomorrow.

It's frightening to think about, which is why that should motivate you to appreciate them.

Respect your elders. Love your boyfriend/girlfriend. Laugh with your friends.

Make sure you say "I love you" every chance you get.

Tomorrow is not promised. Nothing comes easy.

Life is not meant to be a simple ride. We go through troubles, but the thing is, we are never alone in those battles. We have people there alongside us.

We are fighting, and they are fighting the war with us. Just never forget how crucial that is.

When I was 17, after a sudden tragedy and loss in my life, I came to the realization that our time spent on this Earth is a gift. We weren't meant to be on this planet to just work, make money, and get by.

We were meant to live.

We are also blessed with the individuals who make up our families, friends, and more. Please, do not forget about them.

Remember this when you're ignoring your friend because you guys fought. Remember this when you're yelling at your parents because they only want the best for you. Remember this when you're stubborn.

Again, do not take your loved ones for granted. They are there for you. They love you.

They could be gone tomorrow since it has the chance to not be in the cards. This goes for everyone.

With all the things going on, just take a moment to thank them, hug them, kiss them, and be with them.

Life is way too short.

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