Recently, the topic of podcasts has been circulating. I have heard more and more people mention that they are listening to podcasts, or that some even want to start one. Podcasts have grown in popularity as social media increases more and more.

Although podcasts may not technically be considered social media, since it usually is something you look at or scroll through, it does fall under the same lines. It's similar to YouTube vlogs, but nothing to look at. In fact, it's actually better to not be able to watch it. You can listen to podcasts while you work out, drive, or just around the house.

Podcasts can be about a religious belief, comedy, advice, etc. Dave Ramsey even has his own podcast. Dave Ramsey, you know, the businessman that gives financial advice and tells you to have $1,000 in your emergency fund. Yeah, that Dave Ramsey. There are so many different topics you can explore through podcasts. And if you have an iPhone, the podcast app comes straight on it!

There is also something for people that are looking into starting one. A couple of guys at Florida Gulf Coast University started one called, "Mirror Talk." They are up to almost 40 episodes and average about 100 listeners per episode. They even started a GoFundMe to get mics for their podcast and got fully funded. Mics that originally cost $100 each. These are just a couple guys covering everyday topics on their podcast.

Jahan and TC, creators of podcast, "Mirror Talk"Rachel Adkins

Jahan and TC, the creators of "Mirror Talk," shared that they created a podcast because they, themselves, really enjoyed listening to them. They also believed they had interesting conversations with each other all the time. Putting two and two together they thought, "why don't we start our own?" They encourage everyone to do the same.

"Just go for it. You're going to be nervous at first, but it'll get better." They also shared that, "it's something cool to say you did because you never know if it could be successful or where it could lead to."

This is the exact case for former vine star, Cody Ko. Cody started a podcast with his friend, Noel Miller, called the "Tiny Meat Gang." They both had a pretty dedicated fan base on YouTube and decided to expand it to podcasts. From the popularity of their YouTube channel and podcast combined, they decided to go on a comedy tour this year. All of their shows became sold-out, and the tour is based on their podcast.

That being said, if you have thought about starting a podcast, do it! Podcasts are really in right now. You don't want to wait too long and regret wasting the time because you were unsure about it. You never know, you may end up creating a comedy tour out of it. At the very least, you should be able to get some mics funded to add to your show.