7 Reasons You Should Join Your College Radio Station
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Student Life

7 Reasons You Should Join Your College Radio Station

Be a DJ in college.

7 Reasons You Should Join Your College Radio Station
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Music is a significant aspect of life in college and in general. People bond over music, artists and lyrics. You are in college for only about four years of your life and joining the campus radio station is a once in a lifetime opportunity that teaches you valuable life skills and is fun as well.

1. Being a DJ gives you a period of time in your busy college schedule when you can leave your stresses behind and just relax and talk about whatever you'd like and play whatever music you'd like.

College can be busy and stressful; however, having a time set aside to go into the radio station and play whatever music you're in the mood for and talk about anything that comes to mind is very relaxing. It can really help you calm down during any stressful week.

2. Becoming a radio DJ teaches you strong verbal communication skills.

When you are on the air, you have to think on your feet and be able to talk without a script. This will also sharpen your public speaking skills because you are speaking publicly to a wide audience who is just listening to your voice not watching you.

3. Serving on the college radio station teaches you responsibility and time management skills.

Since you will have your own radio show, this means you must show up and do your show every week without fail. This means you need to plan your time accordingly since you made a commitment to the station and you have to follow through.

4. You can share the music you love with the community.

Nothing is better than being able to share your love for certain songs and or artists with other people. You may just introduce someone to their new favorite song.

5. You also discover new music.

The radio stations usually have access to almost unlimited music, some of which you have never heard before. In addition, people call in requests or your friends might join you in the station and suggest some songs to play that you've never heard before. It opens up your knowledge of different genres, artists and songs.

6. You get the title DJ and if that alone doesn’t make you want to join, then honestly, I don’t know what will.

7. On top of that, you get to pick an awesome DJ name that suits you and is individual to you and people may even start referring to you by that name.

Having a radio show in college is one of the best experiences and it allows you to vibe out to good jams all the time.
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